Women’s Health Formula


A woman in our time performs an active social role, sometimes combining study, work, housekeeping, and raising children. It is not surprising that with such loads, the fragile female body needs special help and support. Altera Holding has developed a series of unique complex preparations containing a complete set of vitamins and minerals necessary for the female body at various stages of life. Formula for women, Wild Yam, Altera Plus not only saturate the woman’s body with vitamins and minerals necessary for normal life, but also normalize the activity of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, have a positive effect on metabolism and immunity, due to the calcium content, contribute to the strength of the bone structure . MV-Formula (Mastovit) is especially recommended for women who have problems with breast diseases. The prenatal formula is simply an indispensable complex during pregnancy and lactation. You can buy these certified, clinically tested drugs in our online store Health Formula.


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