Weight and sexuality.


Why does a woman take her weight so seriously? Undoubtedly, modern society imposes a certain sense of taste and standards of beauty. Women are especially sensitive to this. Fighting this is pointless, but taking for granted a clearly abnormal desire for beauty is also not worth it. If you feel behind yourself or someone close to you a clearly strange desire to fit the standards of 90-60-90 and at the same time stop at nothing, you urgently need to fight this. Nature itself has laid in us the desire for beauty, but unfortunately, now this desire is used as a means of profit by manufacturers of various groups of goods. So why is a woman so zealously striving for beauty? The answer lies in us at the genetic level. It’s just that a woman first of all attracts men with her appearance, and if she cannot find a companion for herself, then she will not become a mother and will not fulfill her main purpose. That’s actually all. Beauty is sexy, for both women and men. And if the standard recognizes only the famous 90-60-90, then a woman who does not meet the standard is recognized as ugly, and therefore non-sexual. Of course, now 90-60-90 is not so leading, but still everyone strives for a similar size. Such a vicious circle is built in our society and you should not spin like a squirrel in it. If you really want to change something, then just change a few rules in your life and the result will not be long in coming. 1. Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning (it’s good if it’s also warm). This will help the body to start active work and develop important substances before eating. 2. Eat more fruits and vegetables. The body simply needs minerals and vitamins, which, unfortunately, are very few in home-grown fruits. You can take special supplements and vitamins (you can buy a health formula at any pharmacy), which will fill the gap of the lack of certain substances. 3. Let your breakfast be the most satisfying, lunch is already lighter, and dinner is very light. Then your body will have time to digest the food eaten during the day and not leave reserves for the morning. By following these simple rules, you can achieve amazing results. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and accept yourself the way you are. No matter how we look on the outside, the inner world still plays a decisive role in our life.


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