Morning yoga — top 7 asanas to wake up


04 February 2020, 15:37

In order to easily wake up and tune in to a working mood, it is enough to start the day right. And yoga is a great help.

Morning yoga - 7 useful asanas

In the morning it is very difficult to take your head off the soft pillow and get out from under the warm blanket. That is why many people associate the beginning of the day with a cup of aromatic coffee or strong brewed tea. However, a boost of energy can be obtained in a more useful way — yoga classes.

Asanas to wake up

You can talk about yoga for a very long time. The main thing is that it has a positive effect on the body and mind. With the help of several exercises, you can calm the nervous system, cheer yourself up, find harmony and energy, and also recover from a hard day’s work.

Considering all the factors, we decided to collect seven useful asanas that will help you wake up easily and tune in to a productive work day.

1. The lotus position

Sit on a yoga mat. Then cross your legs so that each is on the opposite thigh, and arch forward.

2. Pose with arms stretched up — hastasana

While inhaling, raise your straight arms up and join your palms. Tilt your head back and look at your thumbs. If you have a hard shoulder girdle, open your palms and look straight ahead.

3. Tilt forward to the feet — uttanasana

As you exhale, lean forward and place your palms on the floor. If there is pressure in the lower back, bend your legs a little. You can also put your palms on the bricks if you can’t reach the floor with your hands. Then relax your neck. The head should tend to the floor under its own gravity.

4. Pose on all fours

Get on all fours and as you inhale, arch your back and look up. Exhale, as if pressing the surface with your hands and knees, and round your back as much as possible, pressing your shoulders to your ears. Repeat the exercise five times (5 breaths and exhalations) and move on to the next asana.

5. Pose «Dog face down»

While on all fours, keep your hands strictly shoulder-width apart and rest them completely on the floor. Then press your toes to the ground and straighten your knees. This is how the pose “Downward facing dog” is obtained.

6. Forward Lunge Pose

While in Downward Dog pose, step forward with one foot and lower the other knee to the floor so that it maintains a 90-degree angle. In this case, the back should be flat, and the pelvis should be parallel to the floor. Then fold your hands into the lock and place them on the knee of the leg extended forward.

7. Stretch Pose — Trikonasana

Move your right leg forward, turning the foot. Then bend down and put your right hand on your shin, and take your left back and stretch it up. The essence of the exercise is to stretch through all four limbs and the crown of the head.

The final asana of your morning yoga can be the first exercise. It will help to even out breathing and relax after class. Also pay attention to how to properly practice at home in order to tune in to the working mood.

How to do yoga the right way

Morning yoga involves not only performing asanas, but also the right mental attitude. During training, it is important to tune in to the positive.

Imagine how you solve the tasks set at work and achieve your goals. With the help of asanas, the body and mind will receive the necessary energy, which will help in the implementation of the plan.

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