How to look younger: tips for every day


March 14, 2017, 8:35 p.m

What to do if wrinkles appear and the hair is not so shiny? Fixing the situation is easy!

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For youthful skin

Care for lost elasticity, aging skin begins with a gentle cleansing. It is better if it is an alcohol-free mousse or a gentle milk with natural oils. You can “cheer up” the skin with the help of tonics. Try contrast washes. They contribute to the reduction of wrinkles and give the skin a radiant fresh look and improve complexion. The day and night creams nourish the skin, and the lifting serum is a great addition. Make it a rule to visit the salon a couple of times a month: the beautician will advise you on the necessary procedures. And to increase the elasticity of the skin, do self-massage of the face. It will help both beauty and well-being.

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For youthful hair

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  • Hair also ages over time: fade, become thinner, break off. Humidification and conditioning in this case is no longer enough. The special lines include the necessary nutritional and caring components. Revitalizing shampoos and conditioners, as well as special anti-aging capsules for hair, can be used regardless of the «calendar» age — for prevention.
  • When you wash your hair, gently but thoroughly massage the skin. This will improve blood circulation and nutrition of the bulbs.
  • If gray hair has appeared, but in order to remove it, you do not want to use paint, you can try toning it with coloring agents — if it can be colorized.

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Influence of the sun



You probably know that often long and daily sunbathing is more likely to harm the condition of the skin, contribute to its premature aging. An even bronze tan, of course, decorates — but why do we need wrinkles and age spots? Therefore, even if you are not sunbathing on the beach, but just being on the street, do not forget to use skin care products containing SPF filters and moisturizing ingredients. Better yet, wear a summer hat with a brim. Both elegance and protection for the face!


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