Beauty secrets from Japanese women


August 27, 2015, 2:05 p.m

Japanese women are rightfully considered not only the most beautiful, but also well-groomed women. They retain their natural beauty and youth for a long time. In Japan, it is not customary to use the services of cosmetologists — Japanese women perform the main self-care procedures at home. Fortunately, Japanese care cosmetics are not inferior to salon procedures in efficiency. Girls in Japan choose an individual method of caring for their skin and hair together with a beautician and stick to the plan. If you devote at least an hour a day to your appearance, the result will not be long in coming.

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Collagen regenerates the skin

This simple truth is known to all Japanese women. Collagen restores the skin’s lost elasticity, and also perfectly moisturizes. In Japan, collagen powder, fabric face masks with collagen, and just collagen capsules are very popular among women. For us, it may sound like a fantasy, but for the Land of the Rising Sun, such beauty procedures are a reality. Collagen relieves sluggish, flabby skin, so Japanese women always look young and fresh.

no tan

For Japanese women, a tan is a sign of low birth. Only peasant women working in the rice fields have a tanned skin tone. Aristocrats protect themselves from the sun’s rays. All kinds of skin whitening products are very popular. Starting from whitening tonal products and ending with skin care creams with a whitening effect, Japanese women buy everything to protect their skin from the effects of aggressive sunlight as much as possible. The result justifies all means — the skin untouched by the sun remains smooth, youthful, without age spots.

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Skin cleansing

Japanese women pay special attention to this point. If we have enough ordinary facial cleanser to clear the pores, this method will not work for Japanese women. So, the «Japanese» facial cleansing is hydrophilic oil and foam with soda (or coal). The first component cleanses the skin at the cellular level, preparing the skin for deeper cleansing creams.

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