Beauty formula: how to take care of yourself according to biorhythms


January 22, 2016, 03:34 pm

If you want to have a perfect appearance, take care of yourself, taking into account the time of day and natural biorhythms. The beauty formula is much simpler than it seems. Check it out for yourself!

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At this time, your skin is also awake and needs to be cleansed. During the night, she actively recovered and got rid of toxins. The best thing you can do for her in the morning is to wipe her with tonic, removing traces of pollution.


Don’t experiment with new makeup. Now the skin is especially susceptible, and an unfamiliar component can cause allergies: redness, itching, irritation. After 9.00, the protective properties of the skin increase, and it no longer reacts so painfully to everything. Therefore, if you decide to do beauty injections (mesotherapy, biorevitalization or ultrasonic facial cleansing), make an appointment with a beautician in the morning!


At this time, there is a peak activity of the sebaceous glands. The skin begins to shine, cosmetics can float. If such situations have already been, update your makeup in advance: blot your face with a matting napkin and powder. And give up products that increase the oiliness of the skin, such as chocolate. It is also believed that from 10.00 to 12.00 hair actively grows. On weekends, give yourself at least half an hour at this time and make a restorative mask.

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After 13.00 hours, blood circulation slows down, and pallor comes to replace the blush. Traces of skin fatigue may clearly appear: bruises under the eyes, wrinkles. Now is the time to moisturize your face with a tonic spray or thermal water. It is better not to do nutritional procedures at the beautician, because the skin is immune to them. But peeling will do her good.

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Now the pain threshold of the skin is decreasing, so all “sensitive” procedures are useful: for example, epilation, eyebrow correction or slim massage. But the concentration of attention increases, and it will turn out to do a manicure neatly.


Now the body is actively cleansed of toxins and toxins. Therefore, at this time it is recommended to go to the sauna or hammam. If you want to lose extra pounds, after warming up, do an algae wrap and anti-cellulite massage. Cleansing procedures will also be useful for the face: cleaning, peeling, clay masks.

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They say that an hour of sleep before midnight gives the same rejuvenating effect as two hours after. Therefore, it is useful to apply the cream around 22.00, and after an hour go to bed. Choose a night cream: it is saturated with anti-aging substances that will help the skin recover better. The peak of skin renewal during sleep occurs at 01.00, and at the same time, the sleep hormone melatonin is most actively produced. It has been proven to fight free radicals more actively than many natural antioxidants, such as vitamin E. That’s why the longer and calmer you sleep, the better you look in the morning.

If you take care of yourself, adhering to biorhythms, then you can consider that the formula for beauty and ideal appearance has been found!


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