Beauty expert named the most expressive part of the appearance


Beauty expert Maria Pritolyuk spoke about the oddities of her profession and named the most expressive part of a person’s appearance.

What attracts people's attention

Maria Pritolyuk has long conquered the heights of the beauty industry. Among her regalia are an international class specialist, trainer and speaker of specialized events, specialist of the year (2019), professional of the year (2020), member of the International Brow Association, judge of international championships in modeling, eyebrow coloring, makeup and much more.

In a special interview, Maria talked about what brought her to the beauty industry, what her first steps were, what difficulties she faced and what funny things happened to her.

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1. Name the most unusual facts that people should know about you.

  • First: my hobbies. As a child, I played the violin for four years, and at a more mature age, I did aerial acrobatics for a couple of years. These were serious hobbies, and besides them, I tried myself in all kinds of dance and sports.
  • Second: constant desire to win! I always want to try something else, to discover new things. It used to help me in my childhood hobbies, but now I was able to transform the skill into a professional trait. Now I’m conquering the top beauty championships.
  • Third: I have invested and continue to invest a lot of time and effort into my speech. As a child, my reference book was a Russian dictionary, and then — already at a more conscious age — I began to attend various master classes and courses. It is important for me that people catch the essence of my thoughts from the first time.

2. What motivated you to work in the beauty industry now?

I could, like most girls, tell you that as a child I loved to take makeup from my mother and paint my girlfriends … But no, this is not about me! I never even wanted to do it. I had a completely different goal — I wanted to go to law school and become a criminal lawyer. And I did learn, I have a law degree, But! My parents, who always supported me, advised me with my ambitions to find a quieter occupation. Because a lawyer is a very dangerous path, in which excessive ambition can lead to trouble. I thought for a long time about what to do. And in the end, my desire to try everything new, it led me into a completely unfamiliar area — the creation of aesthetic beauty.

Maria Pritolyuk

3. What were your first steps in this area?

I started by monitoring beauty industries. I went from the opposite and took away what I definitely don’t want to do, and so I came to makeup. This area seemed extremely interesting to me, because I could improve people. In no case do not remake, namely, improve — emphasize the natural beauty of a person! This is important to me to this day. So, I received my first basic training in my native Odessa. Then I started buying all the master classes that I came across. Good, bad — it doesn’t matter, I bought everything (it seems to me that I will never stop studying, because I still buy courses, however, now in psychology). The next step was trips to Kyiv — I came to training master classes. Actually, one of these trips was the reason for my moving to the capital. I went to study, but I stayed here because I was offered a job.

5. Have there been any funny cases in your practice?

The most memorable one happened during the period when I had just completed my eyebrow training. At that time I did not take on clients, but “filled” my hand exclusively on models. My boss asked me to lighten her eyebrows. I warned that I had never done this in my life, but it did not frighten her. So, during the lightening of the hair, they turned yellow — as it should be. Later they had to be toned in a cold color. I didn’t have any experience then, so I decided to take the coldest shade — blue. As a result, the eyebrows acquired a bright green color. My first thought then was: «Here they are — the funeral of my career.» But the boss was a hair stylist and knew how to fix everything. There were no scandals, we just corrected it a bit and got what we wanted.

Eyebrow expert

7. What difficulties did you face in your career? Did you have a desire to quit everything?

There were a lot of difficulties. There were situations in which I threw out the brushes and said: “This was my last make-up, I will never do this again.” That was the first year and a half. I just didn’t see the result I wanted. And for me it is important that in the first place I liked the result. In other words, simply pleasing the customer is not enough. If I understand that I did not complete the work by 100%, but by 80%, then I did not finish it. I see a lot of those moments that the client will not see, because he simply does not understand this. Actually, because of this, it seemed to me that I was a bad specialist.

8. As a beauty professional, what is the first thing you pay attention to when meeting people?

Brows! First of all, when meeting a person, I always look at the eyebrows. I look and immediately understand — they are either the same or they are different. Naturally, I will not give any advice and recommendations, no. It just catches your eye, and you can’t help but see it. It’s not on purpose.

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