Beautiful teeth — beautiful smile.


Smiling is a must for communication. It is a smile that disposes and helps to quickly establish positive communication between familiar people. And how often it helps in serious situations and improves mood! The beauty of a smile primarily depends on the state of dental health. Going to the dentist on time does not mean proper care for them. Neglect or simply improper care can cause many oral diseases. The most common disease today is caries. In order for your teeth to always look healthy and beautiful, it is enough to follow simple rules for caring for them, then a visit to the dentist will become rare and even pleasant. Do not neglect oral care products. A huge selection of toothpastes makes it easy to find exactly what you need for your teeth (for example, Forever offers a wide range of oral care products). The toothbrush should have a head about 25 — 30 mm long. The bristles of the cleaning head should be of medium hardness. It is desirable to carry out the process of reading teeth for at least three minutes. To prevent caries, experts advise brushing your teeth after every meal, because. food residues quickly destroy the protective layer of the surface of the teeth, which is the cause of caries. But in life it’s quite difficult to stick to this, so you need to brush your teeth at least 2 times: in the morning after breakfast and after dinner in the evening. There are other aids for cleaning teeth: floss and toothpicks. Waxed floss can leave bits of wax between your teeth if the gap is small. Therefore, it is recommended to use unwaxed thread. Special rinses also make a significant contribution to the health of your teeth. Proper nutrition plays an important role. As you know, teeth are made of calcium, which means that you should definitely eat foods such as milk, cottage cheese and fish. Unfortunately, calcium is not so easily absorbed by the body and it needs auxiliary substances. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium, which means you need daily sunbathing for at least 20 minutes and the use of foods such as egg yolk, fish oil and butter. Studies have shown that those who regularly drank milk went to the dentist much less often than those who took it little.


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