13 beauty secrets of Eastern women


These women with strong thick hair, sable eyebrows and even matte skin — how do they manage to look so good? It seems that they all own some great beauty secret, thanks to which they give odds to all Europeans. Is it so?

secrets of oriental women


Not this way. In fact, there are no secrets. Rather, there is only one — to follow the know-how developed over the centuries: naturalness and once again naturalness. And, of course, genetics is also important. We are unlikely to succeed in changing our genetic code, but why not transform ourselves using the experience of the women of the East?

Beauty secrets of oriental women

Oriental beauty is associated with mystery, luxury and mysterious, magical beauty. Bright make-up, clothes with an abundance of embroidery and spicy aromas — this is the true beauty of the East. Arab women know how and love to take care of their bodies. Self-enjoyment is the recipe for unfading beauty. Harmony with yourself and your femininity is the strength of Arab beauties.

Making eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes

Here the main feature is the arrows. Their oriental beauties draw with antimony, which not only colors, but also strengthens eyebrows and eyelashes. And not only! In the Middle East, antimony is used to treat conjunctivitis, it relieves irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, relieves them of redness. Therefore, it can not be washed off at night. Now many cosmetic brands produce products with antimony both in the form of a natural powder and in the form of an eyeliner.

But usma oil is responsible for the density of the eyebrows, it is sold in our pharmacies, you can order it on the Internet: 30 ml costs about 100 hryvnias. This oil is famous for the fact that it is able to wake up the “sleeping” bulbs, those who have tried it write that after a month of nightly use, the effect becomes noticeable.

Making hair

Kefir masks perfectly restore the hair structure, making them shiny and smooth. That’s just purchased kefir for these purposes is not very suitable, it is better to make it yourself. Homemade milk, sourdough — and go.

Henna, basma — this is what should be dyed and nourished with hair, and not with chemistry with ammonia, diaminbenzenes, phenylenediamine, resorcinols and phenols. No matter how super-duper useful paint manufacturers describe their product, naturalness is always more attractive. By the way, if you do not dye your hair, take note that a colorless henna mask is a great thing to strengthen your hair.

oriental beauty secrets


Making a face

Everything is simple here — micellar or rose water act as a tonic. But instead of tonal means, oriental ladies, trying to look lighter, choose a natural bleach — lemon juice. If you wipe your face daily with a circle of lemon, they believe, the skin will look fresh and radiant.

Making the body

Hamam forever! Wet bath plus body scrubs are very good for health, and for the skin too. The most economical option for an absolutely natural scrub: collect coffee grounds in a jar after breakfast (only coffee will have to be drunk without sugar or a bite), and use it in a hammam, sauna … and even in an ordinary shower. Tested on myself — the skin really becomes smooth and velvety. Just remember that after this scrub you still need to use a sponge, otherwise your underwear will get coffee traces.

Making fragrance

Musk, sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine and rose are the favorite ingredients of oriental beauties. And no selective perfumery. Arabic perfumes are created exclusively on an oil basis, alcohol is not used, so the perfume is very persistent.

Popular in the East means and beauty practices

Natural oils, spicy aromas and bath culture are the secret of harmony and happiness, tranquility and peace. A pure body has a pure spirit. Aromatherapy and enjoyment of the body is an important part of the care.

Argan oil

For Arab women, argan oil is one of the main beauty supplements. It is used for hair care, and also rubbed into the skin for smoothness and fragrance. Argan oil is one of the most valuable oils in the world. Contains vitamin E, eliminates peeling on the skin. Aregania oil also fights the signs of acne. The well-groomed and velvety skin of many Eastern women is the merit of this oil.

Extract method

Amala is used in the East for hair growth. It is sold in powder, diluted in hot water and washed with decoction. Amala oil is used in body care. For example, use as a mask. The thick hair of oriental women is largely the merit of amala.

beauty secrets


Pink water

Popular in our latitudes as a tonic for skin cleansing. Rose water perfectly refreshes and tones the face, and also has a very pleasant aroma of roses. In the West, many people replace rose water with micellar water, but in the East they know how to keep traditions. The fact is that rose water soothes the skin and removes unpleasant redness. It is best to store rose water in the refrigerator and use it every day.

Turmeric masks

Popular in Indian tradition. Nowadays, yellow seasoning can be bought in the market or in the supermarket. Traditional turmeric mask: 2 tbsp. l. flour, half a teaspoon of turmeric and 2 tbsp. l. milk. All ingredients must be mixed and applied to the face for half an hour. Afterwards, rinse with warm water. The skin will become soft and velvety.


The traditional method of dyeing dark Arabic hair is henna. Henna is also used when painting the mehendi body. Henna is colorless, natural and inexpensive. It can be used as a hair mask. You can also tint your eyebrows with henna if your eyebrows are not dark enough.

mustard seeds

Mustard seed oil was first popular in oriental cooking. Then he migrated to cosmetology. Women rub oil into their hair to keep it strong and shiny. This method is believed to actually work.


Hammam is an important part of Eastern culture. Cleansing your body is very pleasant and useful. Baths are good for health and pleasant for the soul. Harmful substances leave the human body (due to hot steam). The skin becomes very smooth after hamamm (often Arab women take body scrubs to the bath).


Natural perfume popular in Arab countries. It is based on essential oils. Oriental spicy aromas of musk, sandalwood and jasmine create a calm, uplifting mood. Arabic perfume has an oil base. No alcohol, only persistent and natural flavor of the East.

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