Survey of firm- producers of medical cosmetics.


In our world, it is important for a person to look good. Not the last role in the formulation of the image is played by a healthy appearance of the skin, and here there are often few conventional cosmetics that only mask imperfections. And here medical cosmetics come on the scene, which can not only hide defects, but also overcome them from the inside, eliminating the cause of their appearance, as well as slow down the aging process of the skin. In the modern market of medical cosmetics, many manufacturers of cosmetics successfully compete. In this review, we will look at some of them. These are Christina, Ahava, Sea of ​​Spa, Vitamax and Forever cosmetics. Israeli cosmetics Christina produces the widest range of skin care products, made on a natural basis, and therefore giving a stunning effect of skin renewal. Christina cosmetics not only cleanse the skin, but also protect it from the harmful effects of the environment, which is very important in the city. Christina cosmetics are suitable for both home care and salon dermatological peeling. You can buy Christina cosmetics on the official website of the manufacturer. There is also a wide network of distributors from which you can also buy Christina cosmetics. Ahava brand cosmetics are also produced in Israel, on the shores of the Dead Sea, which has been famous for its healing properties since ancient times. Ahava creates cosmetics based on healing salts, mud, biologically active algae and natural minerals. The use of Ahava cosmetics allows you to restore the health of your skin for a long time, this is achieved by improving blood circulation, moisturizing all layers of the skin, and accelerating cell regeneration. In general, in order to feel the wonderful power of the Dead Sea, it is not necessary to go to it. All you have to do is buy Ahava cosmetics from one of their authorized distributors. Sea of ​​SPA cosmetics offers its customers products designed not only for skin, but also for hair care. The technologies used in the Sea of ​​Spa are completely unique and have no analogues in the world. All cosmetics of this manufacturer are based on inorganic substances from the Dead Sea, i.е. these substances do not contain oxygen, carbon and, therefore, are not subject to oxidation, which helps to increase the beneficial properties of this cosmetic. But not only the power of the Dead Sea can give your skin a healthy look. Forever Living has been studying the healing properties of aloe for a long time. So, for example, it became known that thanks to the ability to stabilize, aloe juice is able to remain in its original freshness for many years. Scientists have learned how to extract beneficial enzymes from juice that could transfer these properties to our body. Based on these studies, a number of products have been developed, including both skin care products and various biological additives and hygiene products. You can go to the manufacturer’s website and find out about the nearest product distributors to buy Forever Living. But to maintain a healthy appearance of the skin, cosmetics alone are not enough — you need to maintain a melting vitamin balance. Especially for this, there are vitamin complexes Vitamax, products of the manufacturer of the same name, which has been working on the pharmaceutical market for many years. Since 1994, Vitamax has opened its branches in Russia, and most recently visited the city of Kyiv, Ukraine. The company has made a huge contribution to the improvement of the people of the CIS countries, its biological additives promote health, cleanse the body, and ensure longevity. You can buy Vitamax Kyiv at any manufacturer’s office, the addresses of which are listed on the official website.


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