Summer Beauty Secrets


Any woman can look young and fit at any age. Take care of yourself every day and your efforts will be rewarded!

1. Hand care

Hand care, Photo

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Make it a rule: in the morning, afternoon and evening, and after each wash, always use a moisturizer. This will not only protect against external adverse factors, but also preserve their youth.
Help: choose products that contain hyaluronic acid, algae, silk proteins, vitamin E or cucumber extract. These components promote the process of cell renewal, maintain water balance, protect and refresh the skin. For a greater effect, use gentle exfoliating scrubs and baths from time to time. Then the hands will always look beautiful and well-groomed.

2. Dry skin: eliminate it!
The skin on the elbows is especially prone to dryness and flaking. Therefore, always carry a body cream with you. At home, make a mask of lemon circles. Fix them on your elbows with a band-aid for 20-30 minutes. Lemon whitens the skin, nourishes it with vitamins and softens.

3. How to get rid of cellulite at home
A sedentary and sedentary lifestyle not only adversely affects the blood circulation, venous and lymphatic system, but can also lead to excess body fat.
Help: whenever possible, try to move more or sign up, for example, for a massage. Use a scrub at home — it perfectly exfoliates and removes dead cells. Also apply various anti-cellulite creams to the buttocks area with massage movements. With their daily use, you will notice an impressive result in a couple of weeks!

4. Skin around the eyes: special care

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The skin in this area is very delicate and needs constant care. Every day, apply a day and night cream (preferably with hyaluronic acid or glycerin) to the eyes with point movements. Just do not rub in any case, otherwise it will lead to the appearance of wrinkles. Use masks — they perfectly moisturize and give the look freshness.

5. Foot care

Foot care, Photo

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As cosmetologists recommend: it is advisable to do a pedicure at least once every three weeks. If you can’t look into the salon so often, you can additionally take care of your feet at home. Do once a week baths with infusions of herbs or table salt, then remove keratinized skin with a pumice stone or a special apparatus and apply a nourishing cream.

6. Body butter
Nourishing body oil is in no way inferior to moisturizing lotion. It contains even more natural ingredients and vitamins E and C. Products with olive leaf extract, shea butter or grape seed oil perfectly tone the skin, make it soft and silky after the first application.

Editor’s advice. In the fight against dry skin, scrubs based on mineral salts and with almond or jojoba oil will help. If you are also worried about peeling, then you should not forget about a natural sponge or washcloth for the body. Massage brushes are also useful: they stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

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