Slimming program from Tentorium


The weight loss program with dragee-balm «Api-Elitei» is designed for 3 weeks, Tentorium offers 3 options: BREAKFAST — according to modern scientific concepts, it is the most important meal for a person — it nourishes the body after a period of «night fasting» and energizes for the most active first part of the working day. Breakfast with dragees «Api-Elite» will perfectly cope with this task. DINNER — according to a sociological survey of all segments of the population, dinner is sacred! They cannot be neglected! It is necessary to observe only one condition: in 30-35 minutes, eat one tsp. dragee «Khlebina» or «Blueberries» or «Tentorium Plus». Simple recommendations for the right lunch: after a preliminary intake of dragees, your appetite will decrease significantly, so do not take your usual amount of food — listen to yourself; for the duration of the weight loss program, give up fatty, overly processed foods and fast foods (fast food); temporarily exclude bakery products from the diet, you will receive all the necessary carbon water and fiber with beekeeping products; temporarily do not drink coffee and strong tea — «Tentorium» products will provide you with energy and vivacity in excess; be sure to include low-fat soups in your lunch as a first course; be sure to use vegetable salads seasoned with vegetable oil; if you prefer meat or fish dishes for the second — do not take a side dish; drink tea without dessert and confectionery, use light compotes or natural juices with AliHit balm; limit the use of salt and spices for the duration of the program. DINNER — this is a drink to write for the SOUL and good mood. — At the first feeling of hunger, drink natural juice (preferably freshly squeezed and vegetable — for example, carrot) — after 5 minutes, eat 1/2 tsp. «Api-Elite» — after 30-35 minutes, eat vegetables and fruits until you feel full, but only in raw form. — Tea (preferably green) with 1 tsp. «Poplar» or «Polyanka» (to your taste) — If necessary, not long before bedtime, men are advised to eat 1 tsp. «Milk of the drone», for women — the same amount of «Formula Ra». General recommendations for weight loss: drink clean water more often: your body will get rid of toxins and toxins; brush your teeth after every meal; during the program, visit the sauna or bath at least 1-2 times a week; physical activity is highly recommended (sports, hiking, swimming); 1 glass of dry red wine a day is very healthy — preferably in the evening; Weigh and measure yourself 1-2 times a week — so you can control the process and choose the necessary mode. Last tip! Be patient, remember that you have been gaining excess weight for many years, so a safe and physiological period for losing weight is 2-3 months. You do not need to lose more than 3-5 kg ​​per month, this is not the case where you need to be heroic. After reaching the desired weight, we advise you to follow the above recommendations for taking regular meals.


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