The first sign of health and beauty is the skin. Sometimes we underestimate the importance of the condition of the skin and try to solve problems without looking at the core of the problem. After all, the skin is the first sign of disease in the body. The skin is the heaviest organ of our body, which primarily performs the function of protecting the body from the threat of disease and damage. And each of us perfectly understands how much it means when the skin is healthy and soft like silk. On a subconscious level, getting acquainted with a person of the opposite sex, we analyze every little thing. What can we say about the impression that the skin produces with unkempt or obviously unhealthy. Particular attention is paid to the care of the skin of the face and hands by women, because. it is the skin that speaks about the age and health of a woman, which means her chances of success with the opposite sex. When caring for the skin, first of all, you need to pay attention to nutrition. After all, it is food that gives our body all the necessary substances to maintain health and beauty. Diets, poor nutrition, snacks — all this instantly affects the appearance. Diets, one way or another, exclude certain foods from the diet, and therefore exclude the receipt of certain vitamins. Vegetarianism does not always have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. As you know, inveterate vegetarians look rather pale, which already signals that the skin does not receive the necessary substances. But the use of sour-milk products has a great effect on health, thanks to its unique elements. You need to take care of the youthfulness of the skin in advance. Many different global manufacturers (Forever, Tienshi, Christina, etc.) offer high-quality creams and serums that will prevent the appearance of wrinkles on young skin in advance. It is generally accepted that wrinkle prevention should be addressed from the age of 25. Although, many famous women of show business say that they began to take care of the skin around the eyes and lips much earlier than the age of 25, thanks to which they remain young and attractive for so long. Sports are great for the skin. It makes her more elastic and keeps her in good shape. But drinks can adversely affect the appearance. Alcohol and coffee are very unhealthy because they cause vasodilation and their regular use leads to deterioration and redness, rapid aging of the skin.


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