Getting older doesn’t mean getting old


September 24, 2014, 18:00

The famous Coco Chanel said: «Every woman has the age she deserves.» How to learn not to be sad on your birthday and look in the mirror without regret? And how to survive the critical periods when the inexorable passage of time is most acutely felt?

Photo: Legion-Media

Photo: Legion-Media

25-27 years old: first fears

The appearance of the first wrinkles and a few gray hairs often plunges their owners into depression. Girls rush to buy creams that will help them stop time. And some even run to a plastic surgeon …

1. Stop panic! Negative emotions have a bad effect on appearance! When we are worried about something, we constantly frown, sleep poorly, which causes mimic wrinkles and circles under the eyes. And some “from nerves” start eating non-stop — and spoil their figure. Try to fix it later!

2. Remember: unnatural fullness, an unhealthy complexion and a frown throw the girl over the years. So do not fill your head with bad thoughts — old age is still far from you! And do not engage in amateur performances, trying to conserve youth in inappropriate ways. It is better to contact a beautician — he will tell you what means to use at your age.

3. Stay in touch fashion trends, new movies and music. Be interested in technical innovations, go to discos, go in for sports. Falling out of the rhythm of modern life turns a girl into a pretty, but … aunt.

After 35 years: changes are evident

Closer to the age of 40, in addition to women’s experiences due to changing appearance, unpleasant emotions are also added due to fading male attention. And some ladies go to extreme measures: they put on a radical mini, start making eyes at young men … Of course, all this not only does not rejuvenate them, but also causes ridicule.

1. Want to look at your reflection without fear? First of all, forget about laziness! Now you need to devote much more time to your appearance.

2. Try to eliminate from the wardrobe poorly tailored clothes in boring colors. Let there be a few stylish and expensive things in your closet instead of a dozen cheap ones. A well-dressed woman feels much more confident and attracts the eyes of others, including men.

3. Believe me: every age has its advantages. Women’s sexuality is revealed only by the age of 35. Men know this, so they choose experienced and sensual partners.

Life begins after 40

  • According to statistics, every third child in European countries is born by women aged 38 to 42 years.
  • 32% of Europeans admitted that at the age of 39-45 they literally fell in love with no memory; and 19% of them all ended in a wedding.
  • 56% of our compatriots agree that by the age of 40, their desires have finally begun to coincide with their capabilities.
  • Over the past decades, the image of a forty-year-old person has changed a lot: today, men and women look and feel much younger than their peers 30 years ago.

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