The female body functions differently at 20, 30 and 50 years old, and our need for vitamins varies depending on age. Sometimes we, obeying the needs of the body, intuitively change our diet. But much more often, busy with household and work affairs, we continue to eat as usual. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to our recommendations. There are two branches of nutrition in the world. Proponents of a more avant-garde direction recommend constantly taking multivitamin and mineral complexes in tablets and capsules in order to avoid even the shadow of a possible vitamin deficiency. From their point of view, our air is polluted with industrial emissions, food contains pesticides, dioxin and other fruits of civilization, in connection with which our need for vitamins has increased dramatically. And what we eat with food, we clearly do not have enough. Most of the doctors adhere to an intermediate position: the main amount of vitamins should be ingested with food, but regular courses of vitamin therapy will not hurt either. What should you choose? Follow your own common sense. 20-30 years old. A woman’s life changes rapidly — she leaves her parental family, gets married or begins to live alone, gives birth to children, or asserts herself at work. This is a period of stress and change. She needs a lot of energy, plus high psychological stability, plus a powerful hormonal background for pregnancy and childbirth. What vitamins are especially needed 1. Vitamin E = Magnum E Responsible for the production of hormones necessary for conception and increases the strength of sexual desire. 2. Folic acid = Vitabalance 2000, Cardiomax Necessary for fertility and proper development of the fetal nervous system. Important: especially a lot of it is required during the planning of pregnancy and conception. 3. Vitamin C = Magnum C, Ceprolong Creates a powerful energy base and helps to successfully resist all stresses (it is needed for the synthesis of the hormones of the adrenal cortex — norepinephrine and adrenaline, which are responsible for our successful exit from stress). Sources: All acidic vegetables and fruits, especially kiwi, lime, sauerkraut, and parsley and dill. 4. Vitamin B12 = Vitabalance 2000, Cardiomax Increases efficiency, strengthens the immune system and helps to cope with all stress. It is involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin, without which oxygen does not enter the cells. It should be noted that vitamin C is necessary for the absorption of vitamin B12. Important: the ideal combination for lunch is a meat dish with vegetable salad and a glass of Aloe juice with lime Add to vitamins: Mineral Zinc = Complex of strong enzymes, Vitabalance 2000, Introsan, Calcium complex, Spectramine, Arginine — Zinc It makes the skin clean, without pimples, thick hair. At the same time, fertility increases, and viruses pester less. A lot of zinc in seafood, in lean meat. But it is perfectly acceptable to take it in three-week courses in the form of nutritional supplements, three to four times a year, and twice — certainly in early spring and late autumn. 30-40 years. The children grew up and went to school, my mother is engaged in a career. This is the most emotionally stable period in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, it is at this age that age wrinkles and the first signs of skin aging begin to appear. What vitamins are especially needed: 1. Vitamin A = Magnum A, Ultraclea It helps to preserve youth, improve skin quality, helps the skin get a more even tan and at the same time protects it from UV rays, provides good vision and increases immunity to colds. 2. Vitamins of group B = Vitabalance 2000, Cardiomax, Lecithin Premium. They are responsible for the speed of movement of nerve impulses through neurons, and therefore for the speed of our reaction, and for quick wit, and for the ability to concentrate and remember information. Add to vitamins: Mineral Magnesium = Fibromax, Calcium complex, Spectramine. It calms the nervous system, increases resistance to stress, helps to endure, as a rule, abundant periods at this age, and alleviates the manifestations of premenstrual syndrome. Mineral Sulfur = Fibromax, Viatonus, Spectramine. It ensures the strengthening of collagen fibers in the skin, thereby maintaining its elasticity and preventing the formation of wrinkles. It is a “beauty mineral” that promotes the synthesis of keratin, which strengthens hair and nails! 40-50 years old. Esotericists consider this age a period of spiritual enlightenment for a woman. Her biological destiny — the birth of children — is fulfilled, she rises above her physiology, and hitherto unknown abilities and talents are revealed in her. She is going through a hormonal restructuring of the body, which is why her mood and well-being change. What vitamins are especially needed 1. Vitamins A, C, D and E = Magnum A, Magnum E, Magnum C, Calcium complex, Angiocleans. Omegalicin, . At this age, their anti-carcinogenic effect and the ability to prevent the deposition of cholesterol in the vessels come first. 2. Folic acid = Cardiomax. It has a beneficial effect on the hormonal background and helps to avoid menopausal hardships. Add Mineral Selenium = Ultraklia, Spectramine, Iodoselenium to vitamins. It protects cells from cancer. This trace element is part of a number of hormones and enzymes, is involved in many of the most important biochemical processes in the body. Selenium plays a significant role in redox reactions, the synthesis of coenzyme Q10, which supports the heart muscle, and the enzyme glutathione peroxidase, which prevents the formation of free radicals. The value of selenium lies in the fact that it is the most important antioxidant that ensures the normal functioning of all systems.


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