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For a very long time, I could not find a decent cosmetics for my face. Until a cosmetologist friend invited me to a beauty salon for a procedure. She selected the necessary professional products for the care and treatment of my problem skin of the face and body, using Israeli cosmetics «Christina». I went through six sessions, using the Sanoderm line, for problematic and oily skin. The effect was, of course, amazing, the skin began to improve “before our eyes” after each procedure! The pores have narrowed, the texture of the skin has become much better, the complexion has evened out, the skin is now not so oily, black dots have completely disappeared. I began to stare at myself in the mirror, which is nice. The face now looks clean, fresh and toned. Now it is enough for me to take a session from the Sanoderm series only once a month. In addition to this complex, a “rose de mer” herbal complex approach for the whole body was recommended for me by my friend. This is a completely natural peeling that is suitable for all skin types. Consists of finely ground minerals and corals. Has good exfoliating properties. After using it, I have significantly reduced stretch marks after pregnancy. The neck and décolleté area began to look fresher. Prior to the application of the complex, there were obvious wrinkles in this area. Now absolutely nothing is noticeable! And my eternal problem — acne and «goose bumps» were completely solved, since the complex has anti-inflammatory properties. The skin of the whole body has acquired excellent tone and elasticity. I even feel better. The line for the eyes, I chose myself. I settled on Delicate Eye Repair eye contour cream. It is perfect for all skin types. After application, fatigue, puffiness, irritation disappear under the eyes, the skin becomes more softened. Contains various vitamins and protects against unpleasant environmental influences. I began to use «Christina» regularly, for more than one year. Most of all, I like and am pleased that all cosmetics are of high quality and consist of natural ingredients, perform healing functions. Eliminates not only aesthetic defects of the skin, but also the very cause of the disease. The result of changes for the better appears quickly, and most importantly, safely! Now, it is very difficult to find something real, natural and worthwhile. «Christina» is a pleasant exception. Gradually, I want to completely switch to it! PS Letter from our client Elena Piven, Krasnoarmeysk.


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