Cosmetics Christina.


In today’s market it is very difficult not to get lost in the variety of different cosmetic companies offering their services and products. I want to focus on an Israeli company offering professional cosmetics and home remedies, Christina. Acquaintance with this company happened by chance: a friend gave a series of Sunscreen preparations with a sunscreen effect. The quality of cosmetics was a pleasant surprise, it was pleasant to work with her, she did not cause any allergic manifestations and other unpleasant sensations. And most importantly, in the summer season, these funds were simply indispensable for me, because. I have a white and very sensitive to sunlight, so a rare summer can do without burns. Thanks to this series of cosmetics, Christina for the first time was able to fully sunbathe on the beach and swim (before more than 15-20 minutes in the sun — and a burn is guaranteed). Sunscreens for various skin types with vitamin E, as well as tinted sunscreen, allow you to maximize the protection of your skin during sun exposure. After this incident, I wanted to get more information about this company. As it turned out, this is a company from Israel and has been on the market for more than 25 years. According to numerous responses, the cosmetics of this company has established itself as high-quality, containing mainly natural ingredients and relatively inexpensive. This company mainly specializes in the production of professional cosmetics, although it also produces products for home use. The product range includes about 300 products, which are combined into several lines. Here are various products for cleaning, nourishing and caring for the skin of the face, hands, feet, body, hair and scalp care products, a sun protection line and others. In addition, it turned out that many foreign specialists — professionals use the cosmetics of this company in their work with great success and for the best result recommend using it at home. I also noted the constant development and improvement of the company, which is manifested in the form of the emergence of new drugs obtained using modern scientific achievements. In addition, this cosmetics successfully combines modern technologies and ancient recipes that have proven themselves well over several centuries. The choice is yours, ladies!


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