A day in the life of a beautician


I give people joy, restoring their youth and beauty. No, I do not work as a fairy at all, although grateful clients sometimes call me a sorceress. To some extent, a beautician is akin to a fairy. True, I have Christina cosmetics instead of a magic wand. It has everything to help people become beautiful. Today, my first client is a young girl, whose face is strewn with acne. The poor thing suffers greatly from this. Who likes to walk like this. So, what do you say cosmetics Christina? «Christina» did not disappoint, I have an ambulance for the girl. We must not forget to write down the name of the cosmetic product and tell her to go to the cosmetics store. My next client is an intelligent elderly woman with a well-groomed face. She has been visiting me for a long time. For her, I have in store a wonderful tool Forever Young. Visiting a beauty salon is a kind of ritual that she never misses. Next on the record is the bride, she has a wedding tomorrow and, of course, she wants to look her best. Looking at her, I understand that daily cosmetic procedures are not part of her habit. Here you need to take emergency measures. But, I have nothing to worry about, because the magical *cosmetics Christina* is always with me. Of course, I had to tinker with the bride, the result was worth it. The bride even gasped with delight. As a parting word, I tell her how skin care is necessary. The grateful bride promises to visit me after the wedding and bring her bridesmaids. The day goes on as usual, some clients replace others. For some, I advise you to try Christina’s wonderful scrubs, for others — a tightening silk series. Christina has a magic remedy for everyone that restores youth and beauty. Some women come to the beauty parlor for the first time. They can be understood. What kind of office is it when you are desperately torn between career, family, household chores and in this running around you don’t want anything for yourself. Wish will be the best remedy for them. Cosmetics of this line will help restore a healthy complexion, freshness and radiance. Here is the end of the day. The last customers have already left, colleagues at work are slowly reaching out for them. I love to be the last one to leave. I put things in order, put away tools and cosmetics. Tomorrow a new day will come, new clients will come, and today you can go to rest. See you tomorrow, my magic wand, cosmetics Christina.


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