What spoils our first date?


One of the most annoying dermatological problems, which affects three-quarters of all people between the ages of 12 and 25, is acne. In the people, this disease is also called «teenage acne», because most often this disease affects adolescents aged 13 to 17 years. One can only guess how many growing beauties spoil the mood of this inflammatory skin disease. Sometimes this ailment can disturb a person even after adolescence, up to 30 years. Even those who got rid of acne, but suffered from a severe form of the disease, may have traces of this dermatological disease in the form of scars from pustules for life. Those who suffered from this disease, and most of them, remember that in addition to physical damage, a teenage rash also brings moral suffering. Because this problem appears when boys and girls begin to pay attention to each other and for the first time want to please the object of their adoration. And at this moment, acne, pustules appear. What kind of beauty, what kind of dates can we talk about? Acne most often appears in those places where the largest number of sebaceous glands is located. And most of all they are on the face: on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. So the first childhood dreams are crumbling, the first disappointments appear. And all available means are used to fight the problem. After all, a teenager wants to get the result as soon as possible — to get rid of hated acne. At this moment, the support of an adult is very important for a teenager, and most importantly, an experienced person who will help him cope with this problem. Now there are enough products on sale that, better or worse, allow you to deal with the problem of teenage acne. And since the consequences of poor-quality or improper treatment of this problem can have consequences for many years, it is best to use products that are based on a deeply scientific approach and in the manufacture of which natural ingredients are used. Both of these main conditions are perfectly and successfully implemented in the Israeli cosmetics Christina (Christina). The result of the work of dermatologists (and Israeli scientists are considered among the best in the world) are wonderful skin care products. Cosmetics Kristina without fail is tested for compliance with the most demanding international standards. The composition of Christina products includes a sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients that have a beneficial effect on the skin. And the presence in the composition of natural extracts of plants, seaweed favorably distinguishes it from lower-quality analogues from other manufacturers. That is why if you want to get rid of acne or its consequences quickly, efficiently, with a guaranteed result, there is only one answer — you need Christina skin care products. You can buy Christina cosmetics only in large boutiques that specialize in the sale of skin care products. In any place where Kristinaa cosmetics is sold, you can get detailed professional advice and choose products that will help solve your specific needs.


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