The results of the treatment of deforming osteoarthrosis using the base drug «Loklo»


1. Patient K. 48 years old. Over the past year, complaints of pain in the knee and ankle joints, aggravated after exercise. In addition, the feeling of heaviness in the right hypochondrium worries. Diagnosis: DOA with a predominant lesion of large joints, FNS-1, chronic cholecystitis in the stage of moderate exacerbation (on ultrasound studies in the lumen of the gallbladder — sand). Assigned: a) diet 10, exercise therapy, buscopan 1 ton in the morning on an empty stomach daily on the days of taking Loklo b) Loklo 1 tbsp spoon in the morning after 30 minutes. after taking buscopan diluted in 1 glass of cool water, drink 2 more glasses of liquid within 1 hour. Before lunch, take only raw vegetables or unsweetened fruits (apple, pear). Within 4 weeks, Loklo was taken daily, then for a month 2 times a week, from the 3rd month to a year — 1 time per week. c) glucosamine from the 7th day after taking Loklo according to the scheme: 2 weeks. 2 caps. 2 p. per day (day and evening before meals), then 1 caps. 2 times a day up to 1.5 months. Repeat the course after 6 months. Result: after 4 weeks from the moment of treatment, the patient is not bothered by pain in the joints, he does not experience heaviness in the right hypochondrium, there is no sand in the gallbladder on ultrasound control. 2. Woman 62 years old. Diagnosis: DOA with a primary lesion of the small joints of the hands, NSF-1, Huckberden’s nodules. IHD: exertional angina FC-2, atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis, H-1, symptomatic hypertension. Complaints of constant pain in the small joints of the hands, limitation of movements in them, inability to hold minimal loads in the left hand due to pain and limited flexion. In addition, pain behind the sternum when walking, headaches, rises in blood pressure, general malaise, are periodically disturbed. Assigned to Loklo according to the above scheme, from the 4th week added alfalfa according to the scheme: 2 tab. in the morning, 2 tab. in the afternoon for 10-15 minutes. before meals (1 glass of water), 5 days a week, except for the days of taking Loklo. She did not take any pharmaceuticals. Result: after 1 month. the state of health has improved significantly, pains in the joints practically do not bother, mobility in the joints has improved, the flexion function has recovered, and can hold a load of up to 8 kg in the left hand. BP has returned to normal. Pain in the heart is practically not disturbing. Significantly improved performance. 3. Patient K., 68 years old. Diagnosis: diabetes mellitus, type 1, polyangiopathy. IHD postinfarction and atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis, atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries, aorta H-2A. GB-2, complaints of stabbing pain in the region of the heart at the slightest physical exertion, pain in the lower extremities, general malaise, weakness. Appointed: 1. Loklo according to the main scheme. 2. Chlorophyll 1 teaspoon 2 times in a stump in 100 ml of water between meals. 3. Vitamin E with selenium 1 caps. day and evening. 4. From the 7th day after taking Loklo — Gotu-Cola — 1 caps. 3 times a day with meals. Result: after 3 weeks, pain in the heart area decreased, general condition improved, working capacity improved, began to overcome a greater distance.


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