New Year’s gift


Behind ten days of New Year’s holidays. Clubs, bars, lack of a daily routine, an «unhealthy» lifestyle… Every time I go to the mirror after the holidays, I understand that although it’s fun, it somehow affects the body. First of all, it is noticeable on the face: somewhere the skin is overdried, and somewhere acne appears. Attempts to quickly put myself in order did not lead to anything: the skin condition was restored for two weeks, regardless of whether I used any cosmetics or not. As the saying goes, «A cured cold goes away in 7 days, an untreated one in a week.» So I stopped even trying to speed up the recovery and spend money and nerves on drugs with zero effect. So this time, on January 7th, I went to the mirror, assessed the damage and resigned myself to these two weeks of recovery. Meanwhile, the husband sorted out the gifts he received. Among other things, there was a set of «COMODEX ACNE» and cream «Comodex Mattifying SunScreen SPF-15» cosmetics «Christina». The set included the Comodex A Cleansing Gel, the Comodex C Day Treatment, the Comodex N Night Treatment, and the Comodex E Drying Gel. I will say right away that I did not hope for a miracle, I just thought that this would not make my skin worse. There were three more days off ahead, I was already tired of celebrating, and I had to do something with myself. It all started with a cleansing gel. Immediately after washing, there was a feeling of freshness, the skin seemed to breathe. Then all the pimples were treated with a drying gel, and after 10 minutes I applied the daily serum and cream «Comodex Mattifying SunScreen SPF-15». This completed the morning session. In the evening, again cleansing with the «Comodex A Cleansing Gel», treatment of pimples with a drying gel and now a night serum. It’s only been 4 days and the result is already visible. The skin does not peel off, and only traces of acne remain. I think, two or three more days, and I will look as if I spent all the holidays not in constant parties and smoky rooms, but at a SPA resort. Many thanks for this to Natasha, who gave me such a gift and to Christina Zehavi, who created such good cosmetics. It turns out that in fact, you can quickly and effectively restore skin health. Now I want to get acquainted with the professional line of cosmetics «Christina».


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