Make your wish!


Any product is useful only if it is created for the consumer, and not because of self-interest. The Israeli brand «Kristina cosmetics» is aimed specifically at solving problems with the appearance of the beautiful half of humanity. Unfortunately, quite often our skin is not in the condition in which we would like to see it. There are many factors that cause such a disaster: an environment polluted by industrial and automobile emissions, daily stresses that do not bypass emancipated representatives of the once weaker sex, frost and heat, excessive air humidity or, on the contrary, dryness of the environment. But people themselves do not always pay attention to their own health in time: fatty and unbalanced foods, nicotine in cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, harmful work, great mental and physical stress. All this, unfortunately, leaves its marks on our skin, and after all, the skin is a mirror of the health of the body as a whole, so we want to see a pleasant reflection in this mirror. So the line of cosmetic preparations to prevent changes for the worse on your skin was called WISH, which means desire in English. Your desire found a response from the Israeli brand Christina, and along with the response, a solution in the form of a line of cosmetic preparations WISH. Flabby skin, wrinkles, folds and unhealthy pallor are unfortunately well known to modern dermatologists, as well as their grandparents. Conventional preparations, as a rule, are aimed at eliminating only early signs of aging, such as wrinkles near the eyes, small breaks near the lips, etc., but Christina cosmetics, developed by the Israeli company Christina, has in its assortment the most complete series of WISH preparations, which is a comprehensive solution even in the most «launched cases». The problem is not new, but the arsenal of tools with which to deal with these troubles has been updated and become more impressive. Especially when you consider a series of cosmetic products called WISH by the famous Israeli company Christina. Christina cosmetics are known worldwide for their proven quality. For its products, Christina cosmetics, the company uses exclusively high-quality raw materials, only natural ingredients and the latest developments of cosmetologists and dermatologists around the world.


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