Dream of clear skin come true!


At 24, I have tried many different brands of complex skin care products. From about the age of 15, my facial skin became problematic: oily in the t-zone, dry on the cheeks, enlarged pores, and in addition, the skin is extremely sensitive. It seemed that I would always use foundation to hide skin imperfections. And two months ago I visited a good beautician who advised me to buy Christina cosmetics. You can buy Christina cosmetics on the Internet or in a beauty salon in your city that sells Christina cosmetics. Having found a point of sale of Christina cosmetics in my city, I immediately purchased a set for the treatment of problem skin Comodex Acne Christina. The set consists of: cleansing gel, day serum, night serum and drying gel. First you need to use a cleansing gel, having a slight prophylactic effect on the skin. Followed by an anti-inflammatory day serum or a night serum that balances the oily balance of the skin. Night serum also helps to increase blood circulation and improve skin pigmentation. The drying gel must be applied directly to the problem area of ​​​​the skin itself. Immediately after the first application, my skin became clean and soft. It is important that Christina’s cosmetics are natural, this is one of her best properties. For example, the Comodex Acne Christina kit includes: deionized water, green tea, fructose, glycol, tomato extract, chamomile flower water. Each of the components performs a specific function. Together they complement and reinforce each other’s actions. I also learned a lot of interesting information about Christina cosmetics. Christina cosmetics are produced by the company of the same name in Israel. Since 1982, she has gained fame in the world market as a developer and manufacturer of products for professional cosmetologists. There are more than 300 names of drugs in its list. Christina cosmetics are replenished annually with new cosmetic masterpieces that allow you to achieve brilliant skin care results. It undergoes thorough research in Israel, Russia, America, Kazakhstan, Germany and other countries. In general, this speaks of the high quality of Christina cosmetics and the effectiveness of her products. My dream of clean and beautiful skin has come true! May yours come true!


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