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Lent is a period of serious testing not only of the spirit, but also of the body. To keep the body in shape will help the use of biologically active food supplements. More and more people, in one way or another, are striving to observe fasts. This is a great test for the body, especially unaccustomed to self-restraint. Ill-conceived nutrition, dry eating, a sharp rejection of the usual diet can cause serious harm. Modern food is already quite poor in useful substances. Vegetables and fruits grown with the use of fertilizers and growth accelerators, meat exposed to antibiotics, fast food generously “filled” with preservatives — and now we seem to be trying to eat right, but we can’t achieve either an excess of strength or a flowering appearance. It’s just that our daily diet is extremely poor in essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements. The resident of the metropolis who is always subject to stress, who is forced to breathe polluted air and experience the other side of the blessings of civilization, especially suffers from this. But after all, excellent health, many will sigh, do not buy. “Formula of Health” is a program within the framework of which biologically active food supplements were developed, designed to compensate for the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, to normalize the functioning of the body with different nutrition systems, including during fasting and diets. The preparations were created by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor S.V. Orlova, have passed all the necessary clinical tests, are produced by an American company, they are quite easy to buy. «Health Formula» is a line of drugs that nourish and support the organs and systems of the human body, as well as normalize metabolism, which is especially important during fasting. Many drugs combine several functions, simultaneously affecting several organs at once, because most of the substances they contain bring maximum benefit when interacting, combined with each other. Dietary supplements are usually divided into nutraceuticals that enrich the diet with useful nutrients (which is especially important for those who fast). These drugs must be digested in the stomach. The second group — parapharmaceuticals, or bioregulators, retain their activity only in unchanged form. Fortunately, the human digestive system itself regulates both the absorption and permeability of nutrients. Experience shows that almost 80% of dietary supplements should be taken with food, 5% before meals, and some only after meals. These intake recommendations must be followed in order to get the maximum benefit and help your body cope with all the difficulties of restricting food during fasting.


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