Collection of cosmetic preparations for skin rejuvenation Wish


Christina has created a revolutionary line of cosmetic products that aim to slow down the skin’s aging process by increasing both the effectiveness of its natural anti-aging mechanism and its resistance to the effects of age-accelerating factors. Preparations with an original recipe contain active modern ingredients with a rejuvenating effect. I. Prehormones and antioxidants are the main conceptual basis of the line. Prasterone, a precursor of androgens and estrogens, compensates for the age-related loss of these hormones in the skin, which contributes to its active rejuvenation. Melatonin — has an immunomodulatory and pronounced antioxidant effect. Its small lipophilic molecule easily penetrates the lipid structures of the stratum corneum and cell membranes, protecting them from peroxidation, and improves tissue regeneration. Thioctic (alpha-lipoic acid) is a powerful antioxidant with a stimulating effect and metabolic activity. Ferulic acid — protects and restores cell membranes, improves skin immunity, is a UV filter. Phytic acid is an antioxidant, exfoliator with a brightening effect. II. Acetyl glutamyl hexapeptide-3 and diaminobutyroyl dipeptide are muscle relaxants, the effects of which not only add up, but also reinforce each other, which significantly reduces the severity of mimic wrinkles. III. Hydrolyzed sesame seed proteins create an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect. IV. Microemulsion — small molecules of this new mixture easily penetrate the skin, and the active ingredients go into its deep layers without heating and without «clogging» the pores. V. Moisturizers in a microemulsion structure act for 24 hours without leaving a sticky feeling. The series includes an 8-step in-salon treatment that exceeds customer expectations after the first session, as well as products for home use. The effect of the salon procedure is reinforced with home care preparations: Wish Gentle Cleansing Milk — Gentle milk cleanses the skin of makeup residues and impurities that accumulate on it during the day. Wish Facial Wash — Facial cleanser removes makeup and impurities, deeply cleanses and moisturizes the skin. Wish Purifying Toner — Cleansing tonic. Cleanses and moisturizes the skin, promotes better penetration of the active ingredients of WISH preparations. Wish Day Cream SPF12 — Day cream with SPF-12. Boosts energy production by healthy skin cells, rejuvenates and protects skin from environmental damage including the sun, free radicals and pollutants. Wish Night Cream — Night cream. Carries out a rejuvenating effect on the skin during the night, making it more vital and rejuvenated. Wish Day Eye Cream SPF-8 — Day cream with SPF-8 for the area around the eyes protects and rejuvenates the delicate skin of the eyelids. Wish Night Eye Cream — Night cream for the area around the eyes has a pronounced rejuvenating effect on the skin around the eyes at night. Wish Eyes & Neck Lifting Serum — Anti-aging serum for the skin of the eyelids and neck tightens and moisturizes the skin, evens out wrinkles. Wish Exfoliating Scrub — The exfoliating scrub gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin, smoothes it and prepares it for the application of a cream or mask. Wish Deep Nourishing Mask — Nourishing mask improves skin elasticity. Reduces the severity of existing wrinkles, increases skin turgor and emphasizes the contour of the face. Wish Radiance Enhancing Cream — Rejuvenating cream improves the exfoliation of horny scales, stimulates epidermal renewal and collagen production. Wish Rejuvenating Serum — Rejuvenating serum has a rejuvenating effect, restores the vitality of the skin, gives it a healthier and younger look. Wish Absolute Confidence — Serum «Absolute Confidence». Visibly reduces mimic wrinkles by weakening the contractility of facial muscles (an alternative to Botox injections).


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