Christina cosmetics products.


Many cosmetics buyers look with apprehension at global brand cosmetics that offer a wide range of products, where you can find everything from face and body products to other cosmetic accessories. And a smart woman may have doubts about the good quality that all these names of cosmetics should have, and after all, the quality of delusional campaigns simply may not be enough for everything at once. At Christina cosmetics you can find for yourself a vast mass (more than 300 products) of products, mainly for restoring your face to perfect beauty. The range of Christina cosmetics contains products for a variety of care and solutions to many skin problems, maintaining a healthy and young-looking skin in any age category. Anti-age products are in demand today. Provided cosmetics products for women after 40 years — Wish — thoroughly fights against age-related changes in the skin of the face, protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the environment, which brings the process of skin aging closer. Another product of Christina cosmetics to combat the age category is Forever Young. These products are made from natural anti-aging peptidenes, due to which these products give a visible anti-aging effect. The FluorOxygen+C range helps keep your skin looking young and well-groomed. Your skin is nourished with natural ingredients. Line of silk cosmetics — Silk. These are cosmetic products that achieve an instant and noticeable lifting on the skin of your face. Young skin also needs constant and thorough cleansing. Fresh is a revitalizing cocktail to cleanse your youthful skin. BioPhyto is botanically formulated to combat acne and oiliness in teenagers with highly sensitive skin. Comodex is a cosmetic line for more active cleansing of problem skin to eliminate acne. Peelings are the main component of daily facial skin care at any age. Christina cosmetics have a special series of peels based on Rose de Mer plant extracts for quick and effective cleansing. As well as the Velvet Peel series — this is a soft, very effective velvet peeling that will provide care and perfect cleansing for sensitive skin. Stress and overwork have a very bad effect on the condition of your skin, and especially for such problems, Christina releases a special series of Sunscreen and Unstress cosmetics that are suitable for any age category.


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