Biologically active additives in the prevention of major diseases


There is no objection to the fact that a reasonable diet is the most important factor in a high level of health. With the development of nutritional science, the requirements for a reasonable diet are systematically increasing. If half a century ago we said that the diet should contain 50-60 essential nutrients, now we are talking about the need for the presence of 90 nutrients. In order to fulfill this condition, it is necessary to eat a fairly large amount of natural varied food, which is almost impossible for a modern person due to his busyness and passive lifestyle. This leads to the development of polynutrient deficiency, against which many diseases flourish and progress. The second problem that causes and justifies the use of dietary supplements is the widespread prevalence of chronic diseases among the population. Modern medicine, with its modern and powerful pharmacology, is good at curing acute cases of disease and translating them into a chronic form. Prevention of relapses, normalization of metabolic cycles can be carried out only on the basis of a diet, the effect of which is enhanced by biologically active additives. Dietary supplements are not a passing fashion, but the present and future of preventive and dietary nutrition. An increasing number of clinical observations based on the experience of practitioners testify to their effectiveness. Experience allows us to clarify the indications, schemes of application, to select firms for reliable and fruitful work. The Department of Food Hygiene of NMU does everything for that. to summarize the experience of using dietary supplements and bring it to a wide range of practitioners, as evidenced by our latest edition of Health and Diet Nutrition. V. I. Tsipriyan, professor.


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