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More and more modern people are thinking about their nutrition and health. After all, beauty is first and foremost health. And health depends a lot on what we eat. Turning on the TV or leafing through a fashion magazine, we now and then see advertisements for certain products. If you look closely, you can only see happy and successful people, healthy and beautiful. And it seems that the advertised food will be the one that will give us both health and beauty. But is it really so? In fact, not every product brings health and beauty, especially considering the fact that not all products are manufactured in accordance with norms and state standards. Some foods contain cholesterol, which is known to be harmful to health (eggs, lard, butter, mayonnaise). Healthy foods include vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fish, and seafood. Of course, much depends on the method of preparation, mixing the ingredients. So, meat should not be consumed in the same meal with bread or potatoes. According to healthy nutrition principles, many diets and nutrition systems have been developed that win people’s hearts with their ease of preparation and taste. The most famous and widespread system of separate power supply. The main principle, which is the correct reasonable use of products, excluding «harmful» compositions of dishes. Adhering to the principles of separate nutrition, not only excess weight disappears, but also the work of the stomach, intestines, glands and blood circulation is normalized. Another, no less well-known system is vegetarianism. This stricter and «healthier» system involves the complete exclusion of animal products. The views of experts on vegetarianism differ, but nevertheless, many find something close in this system and adhere to it. In any case, no matter what the food is, and no matter what diet you follow, our body is so complex created that absolutely all the elements and minerals are useful to it. Just everything should be in moderation. And no matter how reasonable the nutrition system is, one way or another it excludes certain elements, which, in fact, is detrimental to health. Therefore, it is worth “feeding” the body with the necessary elements and minerals, vitamins, so that there are no “systemic failures”. To do this, you need to go to a pharmacy in order to buy a health formula, tianshi or other well-known brands that offer high-quality supplements of minerals and vitamins.


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