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At all times, women have sought to be irresistible and attractive. In the modern world with its incredible rhythm of life, it is difficult to look good even for a young girl. And it costs too much effort to look over the age of 30. Perhaps it is normal that the aging process at our pace is increased several times, but for a woman, it is still a deadly insult. Nevertheless, one must strive to remain attractive and beautiful even after forty. After 40 years, a lot of changes take place in a woman’s body, which can greatly affect her appearance. Undoubtedly, the first and practically the only indicator of the onset of these changes is the menopause. Menopause is a period when the female body undergoes dozens of changes in the body that occur both abruptly and painfully. We will not delve into all the subtleties of the work of the body, here we will not talk about that. However, it is worth knowing that for the body, a period of such drastic hormonal changes is like a natural disaster. And nothing will stop these disasters until the hormones “go crazy”. No matter how difficult this period is, there are ways and opportunities that help prevent and facilitate the process of hormonal adjustment (you can buy a health formula in an online store much cheaper) You need to think about your appearance and health before it reminds you of itself . And it is better to do this at least in the period between 30 and 40 years. If you smoke, you should quit this addiction, because. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, inhibiting normal blood circulation, and hence the saturation of the body with oxygen. Think about your diet now. Scientists have long proven that after 40 you need to eat less high-calorie foods, because. the body begins to spend significantly less calories and it becomes much harder for it to process heavy food. Eat more fruits and vegetables, stick to the principles of separate nutrition and your health will improve significantly. Sport is useful at any age and should not be neglected. Sports activities have a great effect on the well-being of the body: blood circulation increases, blood pressure normalizes, heart function stabilizes, etc. Of course, the loads should be small and with rest intervals. It is best to practice under the supervision of a specialist, so as not to harm yourself with excessive zeal.


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