What you need to take with you to the dacha from Tentorium products


Cream «Tentorium» — for cuts and all kinds of pain. Cream «Chilidonia» — insect bites, corns, corns, dry skin after working in a garden with earth. «Apibalm 1» — prevention and treatment of sunburn, a beautiful tan without expensive lotions, bruises, bruises. «APV» — wash the wound, bring down the temperature, rinse your mouth with sore throat, poisoning, intestinal disorders after eating dirty or spoiled berries and fruits. «Tentorium Plus» or «Khlebina» — full nutrition for the whole family throughout the day and maintaining strength for work in the garden. «ApiHit» — in case of poisoning with stale and spoiled products and berries, in case of alcohol poisoning or severe intoxication. «Apicampa» — a full breakfast or dinner, when there is no time to cook, is necessary for all people with stomach diseases (enveloping effect of the mucous membrane, rapid saturation for a long time). Soap «Tori-Tentori» — as a universal foam cleaner!


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