Vitamin E


The name «tocopherol» of vitamin E comes from the Greek «tokos» — «birth» and «ferro» — to wear. It was found in oil from germinated wheat grains. After numerous studies, it was found that of all tocopherols, alpha-tocopherol, that is, vitamin E, has the highest biological activity. The well-known researcher of vitamin E, Wilfried Schute, whose name is now named the Institute of Clinical and Laboratory Research in Toronto, discovered that vitamin E can successfully treat cardiovascular diseases. At 80, he looked no older than 50 because his diet was always rich in vitamin E. W. Schute and his co-workers determined that inorganic iron was completely or largely destroyed by contact with vitamin E. Therefore, he recommended not to use preparations containing iron during treatment with vitamin E, and to consume boiled foods only 8 or even 12 hours after taking vitamin E. V. Schute also became convinced that animal oils dissolve vitamin E, and unsaturated acids (that is, vegetable oils) increase the need for it, despite the fact that vitamin E is included in their composition. Therefore, it should be concluded: the more vitamin E the body needs, the less vegetable fats should be consumed. In general, fats should be handled with caution and consumed less. The body itself is able to produce fats in the required quantities from carbohydrates, as well as proteins. And additionally introduced fats only wear out the organs, hindering the work of the liver and kidneys, clog the body. In addition, fats are usually used for cooked food (for frying, baking, etc.). And boiled food in itself is harmful if it is not combined with natural, «live» food. In the 30s and 40s of our century, there were many misconceptions about vitamin E. It was believed that it was supposedly harmful, that it destroys vitamins C and D. However, as careful experiments of scientists have shown, vitamin E should be treated with caution only in two ways. cases: with high blood pressure and rheumatic heart disease. In other cases, vitamin E is indispensable. Dr. W. Schute cured several thousand patients with heart disease with vitamin E. With tocopherol, he treated inflammation of the kidneys, acute thrombophlebitis, severe trophic ulcers, diabetic heart attack, and so on. According to V. Schute, vitamin E well relieves nighttime muscle cramps, usually caused by impaired blood circulation in the legs, helps in the treatment of skin diseases, and accelerates tissue renewal after burns. In older people, thanks to tocopherol, age spots (“flowers of old age”) gradually disappear. Vitamin E helps in the fight against fungal diseases, treats eyes, lungs, muscles, blood … In addition to all this, tocopherol (vitamin E) gives us energy and cheerfulness. And Americans believe that it is vitamin E that gives a person liveliness and attractiveness. Therefore, it is no coincidence that tocopherol is part of the diets of many Hollywood movie stars. However, it must be borne in mind that vitamin E does not show its properties immediately. So, in case of inflammation of the kidneys, an acute attack of rheumatism or severe thrombosis, the patient must take vitamin E for a long time and patiently wait until it begins to act. With coronary insufficiency, it takes 5-10 days for tocopherol to take effect, and only after 4-6 weeks will an improvement in the patient’s condition become noticeable. Vitamin E must be taken regularly. Studies have shown that among patients aged 80-89 years who took vitamin E for 20-29 years, 85.6% completely cured their heart, and among patients aged 90-99 years — 100%. In the 60-69 age group, more than 80% reported good treatment outcomes. Vitamin E. What are the benefits of vitamin E? What is the secret of vitamin E, or tocopherol? His secret was revealed by a young chemist Jeffrey S. Bland (USA), who was engaged in nutritional biochemistry. It is known that red blood cells “age”, and this process is accelerated by exposure to light and oxygen, an excessive amount of which causes deformation of the cells. This should be borne in mind by everyone who likes to «roast in the sun.» With an excess of sun, the membranes are weakened, the cell walls shrink unevenly and begin to look like a ball that has fallen under the wheel of a car. It is usually believed that the cell membrane serves only as a kind of packaging for the contents contained in it. In fact, the shell (cell membrane) to a certain extent determines the nutrition, cleansing, condition and proper functioning of the cell. In addition, the shell consists of several layers connected as a whole, but performing different functions. In fact, the cell is a small laboratory in which thousands of different chemical reactions that are very important for life and health take place simultaneously. The shell (membrane) also ensures the delivery of vitamins, minerals (macro- and microelements), hormones and other chemical compounds, on which the vital activity of the cell depends. The shell subjects to the most careful selection all the liquids that pass through it and in which nutrients (building) substances are dissolved. In other words, without the active activity of the membranes, the cells of the tissues of our body would not receive what they need, which means that they could not function normally. Therefore, many disease processes depend on the state of cell membranes or membranes. So, for example, as soon as the cell membrane loses the ability to “transport” glucose from the blood, diabetes occurs; in cancer diseases, due to damage to the cell membranes, the cell body is attacked and destroyed by phagocytes, which normally should destroy only its enemies. When Dr. Bland gave 600 mg of vitamin E daily to patients with destroyed cell membranes for 10 days, he observed amazing results. And despite the fact that the blood was then again exposed to excessive exposure to oxygen and the sun, even after 16 hours it remained healthy, only a small part of the red blood cells were deformed. At the same time, the ability to divide cells was manifested only in patients who received additional amounts of vitamin E, and they lived longer.


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