Vitamin C


Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) The biological role of vitamin C is due to its participation in many redox reactions, as well as in the biosynthesis of special connective tissue proteins: collagen and elastin — the supporting components of cartilage, bones, and vessel walls. Even at a time when nothing was known about vitamin C, doctors noticed that people with scurvy (a disease that occurs when there is a lack of vitamin C) open old wounds, and new ones scar badly. Now we know that the reason for this is a violation of the formation of an important protein for wound healing — collagen. Why is it needed? It is difficult to overestimate the importance of vitamin C during pregnancy, since many of the troubles that arise during the period of bearing a baby: stretch marks on the skin, varicose veins, are associated with inferiority or lack of collagen. Vitamin C activates the body’s defenses, helps to neutralize toxins released by pathogenic microorganisms. Vitamin C also helps the body to neutralize such toxic substances as arsenic compounds, cymanides, lead, benzene, etc. It is assumed that this vitamin is involved in the excretion of cholesterol from the body and thus plays an important role in preventing lipid metabolism disorders leading to the development of one of the most formidable diseases of modern man — atherosclerosis. It has been proven that vitamin C prevents the formation of nitrosamines in the body — substances that can cause the development of cancer. Ascorbic acid facilitates absorption in the intestines and absorption of iron by the body, takes part in the formation of active forms of vitamin D in the kidneys. With a lack of ascorbic acid, this process is disrupted and vitamin D is unable to show its properties. Vitamin C has a protective function. Leukocytes — white covi cells that destroy pathogenic microbes, maintain a high level of antioxidants, especially ascorbic acid. Therefore, during pregnancy, it is necessary to constantly take ascorbic acid so that the body is not unarmed when it encounters a bacterium or virus. Sources. The main source of vitamin C are fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs. Rose hips, black currants, red peppers, lemons and oranges are especially rich in this vitamin (pregnant women should refuse to take citrus fruits, as they increase the likelihood of allergies in mother and baby). Also a source of ascorbic acid is cabbage, including sauerkraut. Fresh apples and potatoes are poorer in ascorbic acid, and during storage, their vitamin C content is greatly reduced. Dried and canned fruits, as a rule, are practically devoid of ascorbic acid. Daily rate It is impossible to get carried away with this drug in any case. The maximum permissible safe dose of ascorbic acid is 2 g, taking into account the fact that the vitamin is contained in multivitamin preparations for pregnant women, other preparations, and can also be included in the form of injections as part of complex therapy for various conditions and diseases. Vitamin C Deficiency Vitamin C deficiency is most likely in the winter-spring period, but in many it manifests itself even in the summer and autumn months. Insufficient intake of vitamins reduces the activity of the immune system, increases the frequency and severity of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases. With insufficient intake of vitamin C for a long time, hypovitaminosis may develop. Possible symptoms of vitamin deficiency: easy bruising, lethargy, dry skin, irritability, general soreness, joint pain, discomfort, depression, bleeding gums, poor wound healing, hair loss, tooth loss. With a deficiency of vitamin C in a pregnant woman, the fetus is supplied with enough vitamin, and the manifestations of a deficiency in a pregnant woman are aggravated. however, with a significant deficiency of ascorbic acid in the body of the expectant mother, fetal growth retardation syndrome may develop.


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