Use of dietary supplements NSP in the correction of secondary immunodeficiency states


In recent years, there has been an increase in chronic diseases caused by dysfunction of the immune system. The reasons for the formation of immune dysfunction are: violation of the environment, persistence of viral infection, irrational antibiotic therapy, development of mucosal dysbiosis, hypovitaminosis, a violation in the lipid peroxidation system, which leads to excessive oxygen production and, as a result, to excessive fibrotization and sclerosis, decreased function organs and systems. In such a situation, the most rational and pathogenetically justified is an integrated approach to treatment. The main principle is the impact on all links of the pathogenesis of chronic inflammation. First of all, it is the fight against infection, the normalization of the microbial flora of the intestine, the regulation of the lipid peroxidation system, the replenishment of the lack of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids, the improvement of microcirculation, the regulation of the central nervous system. All this requires the use of a huge number of different drugs, which ultimately leads to polypharmacy and, as a result, to the occurrence of many side effects and the patient’s refusal of treatment. In this regard, the use of extracts from medicinal plants and minerals, which have a universal multipurpose action, seems promising. Particularly attractive is the fact that natural substances, unlike chemotherapy drugs, have a complex antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral effect in combination with an immunocorrective and anti-inflammatory effect. The use of such drugs in combination with traditional therapy can significantly reduce the risk of polypharmacy and financial costs in the course of chronic inflammatory diseases accompanied by immune system dysfunction. These drugs include Pau d’Arco, echinacea, colloidal silver, Una de Gato, alfalfa, chlorophyll, nutridophilus, nutri-calm (NSP, USA). The results and prospects of using these dietary supplements in the complex therapy of patients with recurrent herpes infection, candidiasis, intestinal dysbacteriosis, and recurrent infections of the respiratory tract are discussed.


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