Unique Israeli cosmetics Sea of ​​Spa based on the healing properties of the Dead Sea.


Israel is a special country that has long been famous for the achievements of its scientists in the field of medicine and medical education. Every resident of Israel, of course, takes care of her appearance, as all women in the world do. Now the Russian market has a unique opportunity to buy Sea of ​​Spa products. This is a specialized cosmetics based on salt and mud from the Dead Sea. The unique properties of the Dead Sea water attract a huge number of people who want to try the healing effects of the reservoir. The extraordinary properties of the Sea of ​​Spa make it possible for every person who buys it to arrange a spa salon right at home. This series of Israeli cosmetics has international certificates and has passed customs, so when buying Sea of ​​Spa products, you can be absolutely sure of their authenticity. If you come home from work tired, have acne, or just want to boost your immune system, then Sea of ​​Spa salt is just what you need. It contains a huge amount of salts and minerals. With regular use, you need to take baths 2-3 times a week. If you have pain symptoms in the joints, a lack of minerals in the blood, baldness or profuse hair loss, then you definitely need to buy the therapeutic mud of the Sea of ​​Spa series. The way to use it is quite simple. All you need to do is apply Sea of ​​Spa Mud to your body and wrap the smeared area in plastic wrap for 30 minutes. To achieve the result, it is necessary to do the procedure 8-10 times. The most effective results were noted when using both products — salt and mud from the Sea of ​​Spa series of cosmetics. Also, having bought our cosmetics, you can use it in your beauty salon, attracting customers with the extraordinary properties of the products and achieving excellent results. No woman can resist the temptation to try real Israeli Sea of ​​Spa cosmetics. After all, buying Israeli-made natural cosmetics will cost several times cheaper than a trip to the Black Sea, and the result will be the same. Having tried this series on personal experience, I was very pleased with the result. The skin became soft and smooth like a child’s, got complete relaxation and relief from insomnia. I strongly advise everyone to buy Sea of ​​Spa cosmetics — salt and mud.


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