UniKaltsy — calcium for children.


THE GOAL OF EVERY FAMILY IS TO HAVE A HEALTHY CHILD. THE PURPOSE OF OUR SITE IS TO PROVIDE EVERYONE WITH RELIABLE INFORMATION ABOUT CHILDREN’S HEALTH PRODUCTS. Calcium deficiency in the body is a more frequent phenomenon than it seems at first glance. It can be earned in two ways: by getting too little or by not assimilating. Alas, many have time here and there. Calcium absorption is hindered by phytin, which is found in cereals. Sugar, cocoa, chocolate also do not contribute to the absorption. The alkaline environment in the stomach creates an obstacle to the absorption of calcium. During heat treatment, organic calcium instantly passes into an inorganic state and is practically not absorbed by the body. In general, you understand: you need to fight for your calcium. There are too many chances to get a deficit — and its consequences are diverse and serious. Most children cannot do without dietary supplements, an additional source of calcium. UniKaltsy has a special advantage that distinguishes it from many other similar drugs. It contains calcium in an easily digestible form (aminochelate and citrate), vitamin D and colostrum. Colostrum is an immune system booster. The value of calcium for a growing child’s body is enormous. Calcium is comforting like a mother, soothing like a sleeping pill, and revitalizing like breathing in an oxygen tent. Calcium regulates all processes occurring in the body. With a lack of calcium, bone formation is disturbed, teeth are destroyed. Calcium is essential for normal blood clotting. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effect. Unicalcium is useful for the prevention of rickets, the regulation of muscle tone, the elimination of hormonal disorders, the normalization of the heart and blood vessels. Without calcium, irascibility and irritability reign in the house, and with calcium — balance and peace. UniCalcium will have a beneficial effect on your child’s development. Source: Altera Holding


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