Types of dietary supplements


The concept of «biologically active additives» is now on everyone’s lips. Such additives are used in order to make up for the lack of vitamins or biologically active substances that are so necessary for the body in an unfavorable environment. There is a heated debate around dietary supplements. It should be noted that dietary supplements are not really medicines. Their purpose is, first of all, to provide our body with proper support and prevent diseases that occur due to a lack of certain vitamins or minerals in the body. The most complete selection of dietary supplements is presented within the framework of the Health Formula program. The program combines dietary supplements into groups according to which organs these supplements support. If you want to buy something, «Formula Zdorovya» invites you to first carefully read all these groups of drugs. The first group of dietary supplements includes drugs that support the organs of the digestive system. The second group of dietary supplements supports the brain and cardiovascular system. The third group of biologically active drugs are those that nourish the immune system of our body, increase overall endurance and provide additional energy. The fourth group contains dietary supplements that are used to support and nourish the organs of the urinary system. The following group separately includes drugs that nourish the reproductive system of the body. In the last, sixth group, there are dietary supplements that help to carry out a good metabolism. They contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. True, it should be remembered that the above classification is carried out only within the framework of this program and is conditional. However, it helps buyers to better understand the effect of a particular drug before buying. «Health Formula» gives a relatively complete picture of the existing biological supplements in general and those included in the program, in particular. More details about each group of dietary supplements included in the Health Formula program, as well as the composition of such preparations, can be found in the program catalog on the Internet and at specialized points of sale.


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