The use of coenzyme Q10 plus in the complex treatment of patients with coronary heart disease


The widespread prevalence of coronary heart disease (CHD) in the elderly, high disability and mortality, which, despite the latest scientific developments in the field of prevention and treatment of this pathology, continue to grow, necessitated the study of the effect of dietary supplements in the complex treatment of CHD. We used the drug coenzyme Q10 Plus from NSP, USA, as an additional method of treating middle-aged and elderly patients with coronary artery disease. Under observation there were 11 people aged 50 — 70 years, who, on the basis of clinical and instrumental studies, were diagnosed with coronary artery disease: stable angina pectoris, functional class II, heart failure 0-1 tbsp. A good treatment effect was noted in 7 (63.6%) patients, satisfactory — in 4 (36.4%). In addition to a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, coenzyme Q10 Plus improved brain function and stimulated the immune system.


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