The impact of the crisis on health and how not to succumb to it (part 2)


Do not forget to eat breakfast — this way you will provide yourself with energy until lunch. Do this slowly, and trying to feel the taste of food — so it is better absorbed. Naturopathic doctor Elena Svitko considers oatmeal with milk to be the best anti-stress breakfast dish. «Add 50 g of bran to it (your choice — wheat, rye, corn, rice), 1 tsp honey, 5 walnut kernels and you will saturate your body with B vitamins for several days, which remove irritability. During the day. If you are stressed throughout the day, find time for another tai chi exercise that brings the nerves back to normal. «Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and sit down so that your knees cover your socks. Embrace an invisible tree with your hands so that the tips of your thumbs do not close. Look into the distance, concentrate on breathing, do not move. Try to have a feeling as if the breath comes from the lower back. Feel the energy that is contained in the space that you are embracing. The duration of the relaxation session is up to 10 minutes. The same exercise is useful to do at night to prepare for sleep. In the evening. Take time between dinner and bedtime to clear the energy blockages that build up throughout the day. This can be done using the «Pump» exercise. Stand up and mentally draw a vertical axis through your body. As you inhale, imagine that a flow of energy is moving along this axis from the earth to the Cosmos, and as you exhale, imagine that another flow of energy, opposite to the first one, is moving along the other axis, running parallel to the first one — from the Cosmos to the earth. Try to control these flows for a few minutes while inhaling and exhaling. While taking a shower in the evening, imagine that a golden rain is pouring on you. These magical drops wash away all the troubles of the day, fatigue, illness and, of course, the crisis. Watch how all your grievances and sorrows are washed down the drain. Be sure to drain the water on the head as well, the hair is the «antenna» that absorbs all the negative information. Believe me, in the morning you will wake up a completely different person! And you can also show your magic like this: buy a balloon (preferably a dark, gloomy color), write «crisis» on it and release it into the sky with pleasure!


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