The impact of the crisis on health and how not to succumb to it (part 1)


The crisis became the impetus for the manifestation of the material that was ripening in many people. “If a person has a powerful psyche, strong ideals, there is no hereditary predisposition to fears and obsessive states, then he will survive the crisis without tragic consequences, but if he has gaps in these areas, he will have a hard time. The risk group includes people who were raised incorrectly from early childhood If parents shielded a teenager from all problems, spoiled him a lot, then in the future, when he encounters the first serious problem nose to nose, he will be confused, worried and worried, expecting at first that help will come from somewhere and the problem will resolve itself — instead of fighting it yourself. If this does not happen, such a «hothouse» person will become angry at the world and bring the onset of a mental disorder closer. The other extreme — if the parents raised the child too strictly — can also lead to disorders. Such people often develop low self-esteem, they are unsure of themselves, which is why they become prone to emergence of fears. What to do? In all cases of the appearance of signs of any mental disorders, you should contact a specialist. «Unfortunately, in our country there are still stereotypes that if you come to a psychiatrist, you will immediately be stamped in your passport. This has not been the case for a long time. You can get help from this doctor without any documents Because of this myth, many people keep the disease in themselves, which is why it starts and takes on hard-to-treat forms.For someone, they will not lead to anything bad, they will simply worsen the quality of life, and for someone they can even cause suicide. With themselves, mental disorders are very rare, so they need to be treated. The specialist will establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment. In most cases, it consists of a complex of psychotherapeutic sessions and the use of special medications — antidepressants, antipsychotics, etc., what suits who best in each specific situation.There are also many myths about these drugs.For example, that you can get used to them, and then not «jump off.»All this can happen only if you do not follow the conditions taking a dose prescribed by a doctor, for example, taking a higher dose, a couple of days instead of several weeks or months, etc. If taken correctly, these medicines will not harm and will behave like friends. «But escaping from the crisis with alcohol, psychostimulants, slot machines is a dead end. «They will only muffle the problems, but will not get rid of them, because they will not explain that the crisis you just need to accept, comprehend, experience and even laugh at it, «says the specialist. With such a non-standard reaction, you will literally «show your teeth to the crisis.» thoughts and the rest of the time. «There are many ways, and everyone can do it in their own way, but, in my opinion, there is nothing better than sports. Fitness, shaping, running, swimming, game sports are suitable. It is very important that a person does not do just a little, but enough time to get tired, and do it regularly, several times a week. On average, an hour and a half. The effect occurs due to the fact that physical activity trains blood vessels, which helps the nervous and endocrine systems to better control the body, prevent unpredictable reactions, and also stimulate the release of certain types of happiness hormones, namely endorphins and enkephalins. This is a kind of gratitude of the body for the load endured by a person. «When you need to see a doctor — When talking in a public place (especially at parties, meetings, classes, etc.), you get a feeling of anxiety and fear. Critical remarks from others are unbearable for you, you are often afraid of appearing “weak”, so you avoid communication and suffer from loneliness Probable diagnosis: phobic anxiety disorder — In a crowded place, for example in the subway, you suddenly panic, it is not clear where the fear comes from (this may be accompanied by reddening of the skin , increased pressure, shortness of breath) and there is an urgent desire to leave this situation. Probable diagnosis: panic disorder — Anxiety and tension you feel not from time to time, but constantly, regardless of circumstances. Often this is accompanied by physical ailments such as «nervous stomach» , shortness of breath and heart palpitations, pain in the back and lower back.They can go to the first plan: patients believe that they feel bad not because they have a mental disorder, but «because I have heart problems,» etc. Probable diagnosis: Generalized Anxiety Disorder — You feel distant from other people, your previous activities no longer arouse interest, it is difficult for you to experience joy, tenderness, orgasm. Sometimes there is a feeling of humiliation, guilt, shame, anger and even thoughts of suicide. You have become drawn to alcohol and other psychoactive substances. Probable diagnosis: acute stress reaction syndrome Anti-stress workshop In the morning. Wake up not abruptly, but with feeling. «Before opening your eyes, smile. This simple exercise is the best way to change your attitude towards the body, learn to appreciate and respect it. Then stretch well. Opening your eyes, sit in a half lotus and stretch your feet. After getting out of bed, first of all go to the bathroom and wash yourself with warm water. Then rub your lower back with your fists. This is the basics of reflexology. This way you activate the nervous system, prepare it for work. The fact is that stress first damages the thymus (thymus gland), which regulates and directs the flow of vital and healing energies to all corners of the body.If this organ is healthy, a person is not afraid of diseases, including cancer.It is difficult to remain absolutely indifferent in a crisis, but each of us must do everything that is worthy to survive it Try the simple and affordable practice «Inner Smile» Smiling is closely related to the thymus and increases the functional activity of this gland.If you smile every morning sya thymus, it becomes a receptacle of light, love and vitality, and then the crisis is not terrible for you. To do this, sit on the edge of a chair, fold your hands comfortably together and place them on your knees. Close your eyes, wait until your breathing becomes calm and deep. Imagine your thymus (even if you don’t know what it looks like) and smile sincerely at it. Imagine how it blooms like a flower and begins to shine. Thank him for his work in maintaining your health…and boldly go to work. Now you are not afraid of the crisis.»


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