Ten minutes of bliss with Christina — excellent result for long days


If in the middle of winter your skin wants something awakening, unusual, refreshing, something that will make you forget and find yourself out of time and space, then you just need to get acquainted with the unique series of masks of Christina cosmetics. From the huge range, choose the radiant tube you like, and you are already far from the cold snows. I advise you to start with a piece of summer in sunny tubes of strawberry or apple masks: Sea Herbal Beauty Mask Strawberry, Sea Herbal Beauty Mask Green Apple. Depending on the skin type of your face, you buy the right Christina mask and immerse yourself in the sweet taste of the mask, and the pleasure your skin will receive is beyond words. Strawberry mask is suitable for normal skin. It surprisingly combines useful constituent elements, which ensures its multifunctionality of beneficial effects on the cells of the epidermis. Here, the chemical components are minimized, the mask contains almost only natural ingredients, including plant extracts and oils. The uniqueness of the product lies in the fact that more than one strawberry extract is taken as the basis, the product also contains extracts of chamomile, rose, ivy, and mallow. All this is complemented by oils of wheat sprouts and rose hips. After a ten-minute procedure, your skin is transformed beyond recognition, it exudes health, youth and charm. Your radiant reflection will cheer you up and make others admire you.


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