Do you like to look at people with colds with red noses, watery eyes and barking coughs? Not? Then, in order not to be like them, try to follow the simple rules of cold safety. 1. WARM UP Dress for the weather. Leave short blouses, jackets and jeans with a short fit until warmer times Opt for warm sweaters, elongated jackets, soft scarves, do not forget about the headdress, which can not only distinguish you from the whole environment, but also fulfill its immediate function — warm your head. 2. KEEP WARM UP If you do get caught in the rain and get your feet wet. then coming home,. ask your stomach to wait a bit and take care of your body. Take a hot bath or shower, drink hot milk with honey or a glass of hot red wine with cinnamon and cloves, put on warm socks and a terry bathrobe, and only after that go to dinner. It would be great if you always had a pair of spare socks or tights and a change of shoes at work. Keep your feet always dry and warm. 3. GET VITAMINE Every day, take vitamin C, which helps the body produce endogenous interferon, which kills viruses and mobilizes lymphocytes to fight colds, increases the body’s resistance to infectious diseases, removes bacterial toxins, strengthens the walls of membranes and blood vessels. Since vitamin C is water-soluble and constantly excreted from the body, its intake should be daily. Vitamin C is rich in sauerkraut, lemons, oranges, kiwi, rose hips and other foods. But, unfortunately, conventional foods are not able to fill the growing need for vitamin C! What to do? The magnificent natural nutraceutical CEPROLONG will come to the rescue, which contains a special type of vitamin C. What is special: this vitamin can be water- and fat-soluble! It has a neutral pH and is absorbed twice as fast and stays in the body three times longer than conventional synthetic ascorbic acid. Thus, taking one vitamin in the morning, you or your children are protected from viruses for eight hours — all the time. As long as you are actively in contact with other people at work, public transport or school! No matter how good the general is, he alone is not a warrior in the field … because our body needs 13 vitamins, 9 minerals, micro and macro elements daily. And we are faced with a choice: which preparations should be preferred — natural or synthetic, monopreparations or vitamin-mineral complexes? Our choice: natural vitamin and mineral complexes MULTI-UNIVIT, Vitabalance 2000, VITA-ESCORT. They contain the most complete complex of vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants of the 5th generation! What does this mean? All of them are based on natural raw materials and, in addition to vitamins, chelated microelements, additionally include essential amino acids, natural antioxidants, herbal extracts, enzymes (for example, RNA-akza, DNA-akza), as well as coenzyme vitamins, which contributes to the normalization of metabolism, detoxification of the body, increase immunity, prevention of influenza and other viral diseases, as well as better absorption of vitamins and trace elements. Thanks to the multi-capsule composition of the tablet, the action of the main components is enhanced, supplemented by a complex of phytoextrates that increase the effectiveness and bioavailability of the main components of the complex. One tablet of MULTI-UNIVIT, VITABALANS 2000, #mce_temp_url# fully provides the daily need of children and adults for almost all vital vitamins and partially microelements, significantly improving the quality of nutrition. 4. GET SLEEP cells do not have time to recover, which means they cannot give an adequate response to the infection attacking them. The conclusion is simple: sleep until you get enough sleep, at least 7 hours. Stress opens the way to disease. 5. HUMIDIFY Humidify the air in your apartment or office. In the cold season, in conditions of operating heating systems, the air becomes dry, followed by the drying of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx. As a result, viruses and microbes that get on it do not settle on wet “villi”, but travel directly deep into the body. Place open containers of water in the apartment, changing the water every day so that fungi do not start in it. Ventilate the room for 10-15 minutes several times a day. 6. SEPARATE In order not to pick up the virus in transport or at work, cover your mouth and nose with a gauze bandage or scarf, handkerchief. If this does not suit you, then before leaving the house, apply one drop of Manuka tea tree under the nose, another drop on the tip of the tongue, then inhale, swallow and your mucous membrane will be protected for 6 hours. Wash your hands often. Touching objects that already have viruses on them, and then touching your eyes, nose, mouth with your hands, you yourself bring the infection into your body. If you don’t have soap on hand, just rinse your hands with hot water or dry them with a wet towel. Avoid handkerchiefs. The viruses that have settled on them retain their viability for a long time, so when they are used again, they can easily migrate back into your body. Use disposable wipes. When drinking tea, use your own cup. Do not drink at various food service outlets. It is not known how thoroughly they are washed and disinfected.


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