Harmony of weight and life


In order not only to lose weight, but also to improve your body, it is necessary to include dietary supplements in the diet. These are the principles of modern therapeutic dietology. In recent years, more and more of our compatriots, standing on the scales, experience anxiety and disappointment: how is it that we eat less, but still get better? Yes, until the middle of the 20th century, obese people were rare — most could not afford to overeat. The diet included exclusively natural products that did not contain fertilizers, antibiotics, preservatives, and the menu did not differ in a wide variety. The leaps of civilization have greatly simplified the process of obtaining food for a person — now it is enough just to go to the store to bring home a lot of different products. Sterilized, concentrated, canned. A huge amount of sugar, all kinds of thickeners and growth accelerators in the composition of our food leads to the fact that, even watching the amount consumed, we cannot be sure of its quality. And then we are surprised by the newly acquired kilograms. In addition, it is no secret that being overweight is almost always associated with the presence of quite serious diseases. Therefore, you can not abruptly «sit down» on a diet, not really knowing the state of your own body. Doctors have long understood that they should start with the correction of human nutrition and, first of all, by enriching it with vitamins and microelements. Specialists now include biologically active food supplements in therapeutic diets without fail. This is how metabolic dietology or nutritionology appeared, which has become the main direction of modern nutrition science. Achieving harmony in the diet leads to a harmonious appearance. «Tiens» — a line of dietary supplements that help in the fight against excess weight, normalize metabolism, replenish the deficiency of useful microelements in the body. For example, slimming tea reduces addiction to sweets and starchy foods, anti-lipid tea helps the functioning of the liver and pancreas, removing toxins and toxins from the body, and normalizes fat metabolism, especially in women. Tienshi has developed basic courses for weight loss, which include double cellulose to eliminate dysbacteriosis characteristic of diets, biocalcium, which regulates blood sugar levels, biozinc and spirulina for natural skin tightening, and a whole range of unique preparations. According to the canons of Tibetan medicine, if all the principles of healing are observed, the body begins to regulate itself. Channels of internal energy open, organs begin to work like clockwork, a person naturally switches to a new rhythm of nutrition and life — that is, he achieves harmony.


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