Hair is a sign of health


Since ancient times, it so happened that hair is not only an element of beauty in appearance, but also an indicator of health. In some countries, hairstyles have become an indicator of social status and even a reflection of the type of activity. Now hair has become a way of self-expression of a person. There is no doubt that by choosing this or that hairstyle, adhering to our own taste, we subconsciously make a semantic message to society, talking about ourselves. Not in vain, it is customary to consider long, even hair a sign of a romantic nature, and curly hair — a cheerful and bright nature that requires adventure. To reflect your inner world as brightly and interestingly as possible, many methods are used: from blow-drying to perm, pouring it abundantly with chemicals. For a long time, we don’t even think about it. How we harm our hair until serious problems begin. The most common diseases today are dandruff and hair loss. The reason for the appearance of these problems in the first place lies in improper hair care. To keep your hair healthy and prevent damage, the first thing you need to do is eat right. Eating protein foods in large quantities can lead to increased work of the sebaceous glands, as a result, the hair will quickly become oily and lose shine. The daily diet should include fruits (it is advisable to eat them with the peel, because it contains a lot of flint necessary for hair growth), vegetables, herbs, vegetable oil and milk. It is necessary to give up smoking and coffee, because. they significantly affect the health of the body, removing large doses of essential substances. The choice of hair care products matters a lot (Forever offers excellent hair care products). When choosing a shampoo, you need to take into account your hair type, otherwise you are almost guaranteed incompatibility and irritation on the scalp. Rinse should be selected too according to your characteristics. It is not advisable for owners of oily hair to abuse rinses, because. this can cause even more activity of the sebaceous glands. The process of washing your hair is especially important. No need to vigorously rub the hair, it is enough to rub the shampoo with gentle movements into the scalp, and rinse the hair itself with the resulting foam. You need to comb long hair from the tips to the roots, and short hair vice versa. Wet hair is undesirable to comb, it is better to wait until it dries. The comb should not be metal, the most acceptable material is wood or plastic.


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