Good health


Good health — who does not strive for this? The signs of human health are intuitively close and understandable to each of us: a healthy blush, shining hair, strong nails, a great appetite and, of course, a good mood. And every person strives and wants to be healthy, to be successful, loved and just enjoy life. You should not wait for trouble to come and it is better to take care of your health today so that it will take care of you tomorrow. Conditions of environmental pollution, illegible nutrition, lack of physical activity and constant emotional stress — all this leads to a decrease in immunity, which means it makes a person defenseless. The body easily gets sick, because. it is already contaminated, and cannot function normally and provide the necessary protection. If we dig deep into our memory, we will remember what kind of load our liver takes on when we eat in fast food, or fried potatoes, or cakes made of no one knows what or instant coffee. We love to indulge ourselves with harmful products, and our bodies quietly digest all this and are silent … for now. Starting treatment, or just boosting immunity, you need to start with cleansing the body of accumulated unnecessary heavy substances, toxins, etc. Regularly taking pills against headaches, painkillers, for the work of the stomach — we drive our body even deeper into a hole from which we cannot get out later. First of all, you need to choose the aids for yourself. For example, you can purchase extracts from plants, extracts and oils, specially selected for your body (Tienshi offers a cleansing system based on natural resources). During cleansing (and not only) you need to drink plenty of water, which helps to remove all unnecessary from the body. It is even better to completely give up coffee, especially instant coffee, and take green tea. Pay attention to what and how much you eat. It would be wise to reduce the amount of food of animal origin, and increase vegetables and fruits in your diet. Sour-milk products help restore the balance of the intestinal microflora, and the production of glands necessary for digesting food. Sport accelerates the recovery process of the body, especially if you are looking for exactly these qualities in it. Oriental sports fascinate with their calmness and magical effect on the body: yoga, taijiquan, qigong, etc.


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