Features of VITAMAX-XXI CENTURY products (part 2)


High Quality Calcium Complex: • is a supplement that promotes excellent absorption of calcium, unlike commercially available analogues, which are only 9-13% absorbed in the body. • Calcium complex from VITAMAX is balanced with minerals, vitamins, herbs that increase the absorption and maximum use of this important element in the body. • In addition, calcium in this complex is presented in the form of — hydroxyapatite. It is a special compound that contains calcium and phosphorus in a 2:1 ratio and provides calcium in the form in which it occurs in the body and can be easily absorbed. Nutri-cleans: • enterosorbent, which is designed to provide the body with those components that allow it to cleanse itself naturally. Thus, Nutri-cleans performs not only the function of an enterosorbent, but already at the stage of purification, it begins to normalize health in general. Phytomicrospheres: • the method makes it possible to increase the rate of digestibility of biologically active substances, increase their healing power and maximize the use of beneficial properties. • in the composition of phytomicrospheres there is no sugar and preservatives, undesirable impurities (microbial inclusions, fungi, mold, etc.) • within the first 10 minutes after ingestion, up to 70% of the drug is absorbed. this rate is comparable only to intravenous administration and is 6 times higher than the rate of assimilation of a powder or tablet. • to obtain the desired effect, 3-4 times less drug is needed. • each individual capsule contains a strictly metered amount of active ingredients. • the shelf life of phytomicrospheres is 2-3 times higher than the same period for tablet preparations. New Life: • Source of concentrated oil containing EPA and DHA. Most formulations contain only small amounts of these oils and a person needs to take up to 20 capsules per day to get enough EPA-DHA. • Contains only pure cold water salmon fish oil. Many producers use fish sources such as mackerel, herring, trout, rainbow cod, white cod and bottom-dwelling scavenger fish. • Only the finest parts of the fish were used in the production: the liver, which often contains toxins, is never used. Salmon oil is only cold processed to provide more readily available forms of EPA-DHA. • additionally contains D-alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E). This antioxidant provides maximum stability, polyunsaturated concentrated marine lipids. «Raisins» are not only special components, unique technologies, the ratio of ingredients and … This is also how the product makes YOU personally! This is your appearance, this is your burning eyes, this is a good mood and, of course, sincerity and confidence, which cannot be faked if you do not use the product yourself! Use the best that is for health and carry this knowledge to all your relatives, friends and acquaintances!


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