Features of VITAMAX-XXI CENTURY products (part 1)


Do you know that our product is unique? What is it exclusive? What is unique about him? What is he the best? What just doesn’t get better? And why? And because the quality and effectiveness of products VITAMAX-XXI century proves: • many years of successful experience in the use of products; • authoritative research; • high-tech developments; • positive feedback from specialists and consumers; • guaranteed quality and protection against fakes; • optimal ratio of price and quality of products. Why else? Because our product has «zest»: these are special components, and unique technologies, and a certain ratio of ingredients, and … much, much more! What are these «flavors»? Green magic: • algae (Hawaiian spirulina, Chinese chlorella, Icelandic kelp, New Scotia brown) are grown in natural conditions, in special deep-sea wells, in ecologically clean areas; • dense walls of algae, which are not digested in the human gastrointestinal tract, are removed using a special Dino-mill technological process; • a certain ratio of ingredients — their qualitative and quantitative composition — leads to a resonant effect of all components on the human body! The «Golden Certificate of Quality» of the State of California is a confirmation that there are no analogues to this wonderful product in the world! Elixir of Youth: • thanks to the ORAC+ method, developed by the best specialists in the USA, it became possible to accurately determine the antioxidant potential of any biologically active substance. Based on these scientific data, a balanced complex of antioxidants (dry berry juices and extracts, green tea, dried red wine, resveratrol, vitamin complex) was assembled, the components of which act on the principle of synergy, which ensures extremely high activity. Vitabalance 3000: • this complex contains nine strains of lactobacilli! • lactic acid bacteria are grown on a carrot base (lactose free). This makes them as stable as possible, capable of rapid reproduction and growth, which leads to the normalization of the intestinal microflora not only during the intake period, but also for a longer time. • lactic acid bacteria are enclosed in a special acid-resistant capsule, which prevents their death in the aggressive environment of the stomach. Magnum C: • Our formula uses a new type of this vitamin — ESTER C. Due to this, it is absorbed twice as fast and remains in the body three times longer (up to 8 hours) than regular ascorbic acid. Magnum A: • our product contains a complex of natural beta-carotenes obtained from a special variety of carotenoid carrots. • because Because the body converts beta-carotene to vitamin A as needed, there is no risk of overdose, unlike synthetic vitamin A. Golden Ginkgo Biloba: • Contains a standardized extract of fresh Ginkgo Biloba leaves (24% ginkgoflavoglycosides, 6% terpenes). Ultraclea 20: • contains special patented formulas of pigments derived from marigold petals — lutein (Floro Glo®) and lycopene (Lyc-o-mate®), beta-carotene from dunaliella, zeaxanthin from tomatoes. • the components of this complex act on the principle of synergy, which provides an impact on all structures of the organ of vision: the macula, retina and lens of the eye. Vita Balance 2000: • This is a perfectly balanced multivitamin complex that combines 17 vitamins, 72 minerals, 24 medicinal herbs and all essential amino acids. • The amino acids which are a part of this complex are irreplaceable, microelements are presented in the form of chelate connections. • In addition, the capsules themselves are covered with protective shells, which ensure the absorption of individual components in certain parts of the digestive tract, depending on the acidic or alkaline environment. Phytoselenium: • This supplement is based on the medicinal plant Astragalus, a natural selenium accumulator, and is characterized by low toxicity and a wide therapeutic range, unlike selenium salts used in pharmaceutical practice. • The use of wild plants provides a complete composition of biologically active substances, and the technological process guarantees control and standardization of the resulting extract. Osteoflex: • This product contains glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate — these are the materials that make up cartilage, and they help restore it. Most of the drugs on the market for dietary supplements aimed at treating arthritis and any other joint diseases are completely incompatible with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. • Does not cause any harm to the digestive organs, as it is made up of absolutely 100% natural ingredients. Co-enzyme (Co-enzyme) Q -10 — * CoQsol™ : • This is a proprietary form. Clinical studies have shown that this form of Co-Enzyme Q-10 is 265% more absorbable than powdered Q-10. Cardioplex: • a complex designed to provide effective prevention of coronary heart disease, containing a triplet of vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid, which reduce the content of one of the main «provocateurs» of persistent spasm of the coronary vessels — the amino acid homocysteine, an increased level of which leads to a heart attack myocardium and stroke.


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