Experience in the use of phytopreparations and dietary supplements in the treatment according to the method of Voll-Sarchuk


Electropuncture diagnostics by meridians allows assessing the state of bioenergetic activity of the functional systems of the body, which correspond to the main organs. The speed and availability of the technique are especially attractive for both patients and the doctor. It allows you to correctly diagnose, taking into account etiological factors, choose the necessary direction in treatment without additional examination methods, as well as select a strictly individual treatment. It would be useful to recall that according to this method, the doctor measures the biologically active points (BAP) of the meridians on the fingers and toes, obtaining a general picture of the state of the body, and then using microresonant complexes (MRC), which correspond to the spectral (electromagnetic) characteristics of certain etiological (causing a pathological condition) factors and morphological structures, the violations are clarified, both in the whole organ and in its part. Selecting RCMs of norms and pathologies or homeopathic RCMs, we prepare a biologically active liquid (BAF), which we prescribe according to a certain scheme for a month. This is a survey technique. But the effect of treatment depends on the chosen direction in the rehabilitation of the patient. That is, it is not necessary to influence the heart in order to get a positive result in the treatment of arrhythmias and angina pectoris, or to affect the bronchi and lungs in the treatment of obstructive bronchitis or chronic non-specific lung diseases. How to determine which parts of the rehabilitation process we should influence? To do this, we should turn to the pentagram of the circulation of energy in the human body, or, in other words, the biological rhythms of a person, both daily and seasonal. Oriental medicine doctors know very well what time of the day or what time of the year this or that disease is exacerbated. What is it connected with? And all with the same circulation of energy in the body. Oriental medicine for 5 thousand years has accurately determined at what time of the year the energy is in certain organs. For example, in spring energy is concentrated in the liver and gallbladder, in early summer — in the small intestine and heart; in late summer and early autumn — in the stomach and pancreas, in late autumn — in the lungs and large intestine, and, finally, in winter — in the kidneys and bladder. Therefore, with an energy deficit (chronic pathology) in any organ, the deterioration of its function will be at a certain time of the day or at a certain time of the year. Of course, there are other relationships between organs, but they are taken into account more in acupuncture. Therefore, having the patient’s complaints, his objective data, analysis and constitutional features, it is possible not only to treat the manifestations of the disease, but also to prevent them, that is, to carry out preventive treatment. Herbal medicines and dietary supplements that we use are very well combined with biologically active liquid, enhancing the effect on each other. And according to their components, they have an impact on all organs and systems associated with the disease. As an example, we give a treatment regimen for chronic rhinitis and sinusitis. All of them occur when the function or bioenergetic state of the kidneys and bladder is weakened. The body tries to eliminate the energy imbalance by increasing the excretion of mucus from the body. And if treated only locally, by instillation, washing the nose and sinuses, we get a temporary result or increase the energy imbalance in the body. To equalize this state, first of all, it is necessary to suppress the so-called cold of the body or increase the excretion of mucus by all available means. Using preparations for points and to increase the energy of heat in the body, we achieve the normalization of the condition. So, we prescribe: By d’Arco — for the kidneys or colloidal silver; Bi Pollen or tablet extract of garlic, pepper, garlic, parsley — to enhance the body’s heat energy. This applies to chronic rhinitis and sinusitis. In the case of acute processes with a high temperature, these drugs cannot be prescribed. But in each case, the treatment process should be individualized. We are talking about adjusting the treatment according to indicators of biologically active points, which allows you to get the best effect in the treatment of bronchial asthma, pyelonephritis, rheumatism, giardiasis cholecystohepatitis, vegetovascular dystonia, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, nonspecific diseases of the genital area. During the year of work with NSP dietary supplements, no negative effects were observed. Thus, doctors who prescribe dietary supplements for the prevention and rehabilitation of various diseases need to approach each patient individually.


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