Encyclopedia of Food Ingredients


What does the term «food supplement» mean? There are several definitions of a food additive. A food additive is a substance or mixture of substances that is added to foods during the manufacturing process to provide desired properties and/or maintain food quality. Food additives are substances or mixtures of substances that are not commonly consumed as food products, but which are introduced into food products during their production for technological purposes or to provide them with certain qualities, including an increase in shelf life. How long ago did food additives begin to be introduced into food products? Food additives are micro-ingredients that have been introduced into food formulations for several millennia. Even in prehistoric times, people used table salt and smoke, the ancient Egyptians used vinegar in cooking, the Romans stabilized wines with sulfuric anhydrite. What does the three-digit number and index «E» of a food additive mean? The combination of the E index and a three-digit number is the European symbol for a specific additive, understandable in all major languages ​​of the world. He says the supplement has been tested for safety, useability, purity criteria and must meet those criteria. Experts associate index E with both the word Europe and the words essbar / edible, which means “edible” in Ukrainian (from German and English). What is the purpose of adding food additives to food? The main goals of adding food additives: improving the technology of preparation, processing of food raw materials, preparation, storage of food; increasing the resistance of products to various types of spoilage; creation and storage of food structure; preservation and change of organoleptic properties and appearance of products. Why have more and more products been produced using food additives in recent years? Food is the main factor that affects health. Modern nutrition science argues that food should not only satisfy the body’s need for calories and trace elements, but also be balanced, including many foods that should be low in calories. The consumer puts forward his requirements for food products: food must be tasty, quickly prepared, well preserved, and so on, without the use of food additives, it is impossible to achieve all these requirements. What food additives are used in food production? In the manufacture of food products, only: — additives that are approved for use in specific food products are used; — additives that, even with prolonged use, do not cause a negative effect on the life and health of a person and future generations. Than informed decisions about the introduction of individual additives in food products? Food additives are introduced into products when all the following conditions are met: — the additive must be safe, which is confirmed by the permission of the authorized body; — the use of the additive does not mislead the consumer, incl. about the quality of raw materials; — there is a certain technological need to introduce an additive; — after the use of additives, the products retain their nutritional value (with the exception of products for special consumer groups, such as diabetics); — the input of additives is carried out in the minimum amount necessary to achieve the technological effect. In what cases is the use of food additives prohibited? It is not allowed to use food additives to cover spoilage and poor quality of raw materials or finished food products. Food additives should not mask violations of technological discipline. What are the main reasons for the widespread use of nutritional supplements? The widespread use of food additives began in the 19th century. This is predetermined by the following factors: — the development of trade, which led to the need to transport food over long distances; — constant increase in consumer requirements for the quality and assortment of food products; — creation of new types of food that meet modern requirements of science and nutrition; — improvement of technologies for obtaining traditional and new food products. How is the safety of food additives determined? The safety of food supplements is determined on the basis of extensive comparative studies. In Ukraine, the system of research and control of the safety of food additives has existed for many decades and is constantly being improved taking into account modern scientific knowledge. What documents regulate the requirements for food additives? In Ukraine, the requirements for food additives are determined by a number of documents: — The Law «On the sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population» — The Law «On the protection of consumer rights» — The Law «On the quality and safety of food products» — Sanitary norms and rules «Hygienic requirements for the use of food additives » In Ukraine, the production, import into the country, sale and use of food additives is allowed only if there is a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion.


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