The current situation in Ukraine is characterized by: environmental disasters, economic crisis. Hence the resulting psychotrauma and stress. This, in turn, causes severe mental illness in people, most often it manifests itself in depression. Depression affects both the rich and the poor, both the physically healthy and the sick. If earlier statistics spoke about the frequency of diseases among adolescents and children, now depression has affected all age groups and it is currently not possible to single out any group most susceptible to this disease. Psycho-emotional damaging factors (stress) have become an integral part of the lifestyle of a modern person; therefore, there is an increase in phobic states, neuroses, and suicides. Under my supervision in the outpatient setting were 98 patients with depression. All patients without fail began health-improving and treatment-and-prophylactic measures from the stage of cleansing with the help of enzymatic nutritional purification, according to 1 coffee.l.2r / d, «Green Magic», starting with a microdose, then 1 cap. 2 times a day (in the first half of the day), then restoring the vitamin, microelement balance and intestinal microflora with the help of systemic health products. Vitabalance 2000 (1 cap. 3r/d), Vitabalance 3000 (1 cap 2r/d), “Jerusalem Artichoke Flour” (1 tsp 3r/d each), Magnum C (1 cap 2r/d) during the second month. Then Lecithin 1 tsp 3 r / d with meals, Gingko Biloba (1 cap. 2 r / d), Magnum E (1 cap. per day with meals). «Food in a glass» — containing a complete set of essential amino acids that the body needs. High-quality «Calcium» is the most important element that supports the nervous system. «New Life 1000» — 1 cap. 3r/d. If depression is associated with menopause, “Support for women” (po 1 cap. 2r / d), “tea for bedtime” 1 pack. for the night. In severe condition, I prescribe «Melatonin» — a dose of 3 mg. reception at 23-00, for people under 30 at 22-00. In case of urgent need, some patients received a maintenance dose of antidepressants at the beginning of the course of recovery, which accelerated their recovery. I apply the systemic health products of the VITAMAX XXI century corporation strictly individually, based on the knowledge of the living conditions of patients, the state of health, side diseases, gender and age, and the severity of diseases. In 88%, there was a more accelerated recovery from depression, and a lower frequency of recurrence of the disease. And of course psychocorrection of the patient by a psychotherapist. Taking vitamins does not preclude taking antidepressants, but it does allow for smaller doses and for a shorter period of time. Normalization of biochemical processes in the body leads to an improvement in the condition and recovery of patients with depression.


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