Coral Club product «С7 — Cellution»


Have you ever wondered if I am doing everything to maintain and improve my health? Coral Club International knows that yes, so they offer a cosmetic set of 7 products for the gentle care of your face C7. The cosmetic set of 7 products «C7 — Cellution» includes: toning mask, facial peeling cream, anti-wrinkle serum for daily care, anti-deep wrinkle serum, deep cleansing foam, eye contour cream and moisturizing cream that slows down the processes aging. All these products contain unique components: — microcollagen, obtained from seaweed of tropical waters of Brazil, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, smoothes and fills wrinkles, relaxes facial muscles; — Matrixyl reduces the depth and number of wrinkles, helps restore skin elasticity; — argerilin is a natural analogue of Botox, helps to relax the muscles of the face, smoothes wrinkles, evens out the skin relief; — aizeril is the main component of the eye cream, relieves puffiness and pigmentation around the eyes; — nanoclusters are responsible for the deep penetration of all nutritional components and the full absorption of healing substances. In the C7 program and all the presented products, aloe vera, which has long been known for its healing and disinfecting properties, plays a significant role. Using the C7 cosmetic set, you reduce the number of wrinkles around the eyes and age spots by a third, the depth and number of wrinkles by half, and remove puffiness under the eyes in two weeks! Having decided to buy the Coral Club product «C7 — Cellution», you will make your skin toned, soft and velvety. Seven products of the kit with a natural citrus aroma gently care for your face, it is enough to spend three minutes daily and your skin becomes cleaner, softer and velvety. Use the C7 product line daily in the morning and evening in four steps: cleanse the face with foam, apply the daily care serum in the morning and for deep wrinkles in the evening, restore the skin around the eyes with an eye contour cream, then treat the skin with a moisturizer. Plus, cleanse your skin weekly with peeling cream and make a toning face mask. Each step sequentially solves a specific problem and enhances the action of the previous step, and the weekly procedure consolidates the result. You will achieve a reduction in the number and depth of wrinkles and a healthy, radiant complexion. Coral Club International’s C7 — Cellution product line was developed specifically to address the most basic skin concerns.


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